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Drunken Fist beat em up brawler coming later

drunken fist beat em up brawler game coming later to linux beside windows pc

Drunken Fist is a new beat em up brawler game for Windows PC, but coming to Linux later. Thanks to developer DEKLAZON. After releasing the game on Steam.

Drunken Fist is a funny drunken physics-based beat’em up game. Street fights, busty knockouts and maybe some lawlessness.
Since you obviously play as a drunk guy who needs to get home. Likewise, you fight with various enemies. These include jocks, hipsters, punks, etc. Even more, all enemies have their own battle style.

Physics and control carefully simulate the feeling of a drunken brawl. So as the blows fly past, you constantly fall. And also behave ridiculously. There are many punches and tricks available in Drunken Fist.

Linux Support:

Game made on Unreal Engine 4. Maybe I made Linux port later.

In contrast, there is no release date yet. So there is more news to come for Drunken Fist. And having caught all the press detail about the launch.
Actually, there was a lot of hype for the game. The reviews are solid and the games cost-effective. I had to reach out for more details about game support. Since it is just crazy enough to be good.
Likewise, what you see is what you get. Check out the trailer to get a better idea.

Drunken Fist totally accurate beat em up

Drunken Fist offers ridiculous gameplay. Obviously, since you are a drunk. Trying to completely normal combat. Working your way through different enemies. Having to stay upright and yet keep offensive. What’s hilarious is how you face each enemy. Due to the fact that each type is different.

Physics and control totally simulate the feeling of being drunk. So enemies try and this you. You are either falling and act hilarious. But on the upside, there are many punches and tricks available. Which is also built like classic beat em up games.

Drunken Fist beat em up brawler is available on Steam. Priced $5.99 USD. Available for Windows PC, but coming to Linux. If you want to test via Proton, the games not expensive.