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Duel Revolution monster taming aims at port

duel revolution monster taming mmorpg game is aiming at linux with mac and windows pc

Duel Revolution monster taming MMORPG game is aimed at Linux with Mac and Windows PC. Game Matter’s skilled team has done an incredible job creating this title. Due to release on Steam soon.

Duel Revolution monster taming MMORPG is launching on March 1, 2024, and it’s shaping up to be a massive hit. This isn’t just another monster taming title; it’s an MMORPG that’s blending monster catching thrills with deep role-playing elements. And it’s free to play across iOS, Android, and Steam (both Windows & macOS). But it’s also due to get a native build.

Unfortunately Duel Revolution will not be available on Linux for now, but we plan to add Linux support…

Game Matter is working on some adjustments that might take a bit of time. They are not sure when the native version will be ready, but are planning to bring it to players as soon as possible.

Let’s dive into what makes Duel Revolution stand out. You’re stepping into a world brimming with adventure and strategy. The focus here is on more than just climbing ranks. It’s about experiencing the life of a duelist – from forming alliances and going on quests to expressing yourself through customization.

What’s in store for players? Well, the world in Duel Revolution is constantly growing. That means new quests, creatures, and areas to explore are always on the horizon. You’re not just playing in a static world; it’s an evolving landscape that keeps things fresh.

Duel Revolution is about to release

The multiplayer aspect lets you can team up with friends or make new ones as you journey through this expansive world. And let’s talk about leveling up. It’s all about your strategy with a skilltree-based system. Since you can tailor your character to fit exactly how you like to play.

Breeding your creatures, or Evo as they’re called here is a unique aspect. In Duel Revolution you can mix and match traits to create some truly unique and powerful companions. And the level of customization doesn’t stop there. You also have a plethora of options to make your character distinctively yours.

For those who like crafting and gathering, Duel Revolution has you covered with a robust system. Create useful items and gear to aid your adventure. The world itself is dynamic, with a day and night cycle that affects gameplay, the creatures you encounter, and the quests available.

Lastly, the community-centric events. These are designed to boost both competition and cooperation, making the social aspect of Duel Revolutiona core part of the experience.

Duel Revolution is more than just a monster taming MMORPG title. It’s a full-on adventure where your decisions, style, and interactions shape your journey. Whether you’re into strategic battles, exploring, crafting, or just making your mark in a vibrant community, this title has something for everyone. Mark your calendars for March 1st on Steam. Due to evolve onto Linux with Mac and Windows PC.