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Dull Grey emotional story now has a Linux build

dull grey emotional story game now has a linux build with windows pc

Dull Grey emotional story game releases a Linux build with Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer Provodnik Games. Which is now available on Steam. Along with 100% Positive reviews, it’s worth playing.

Now, Dull Grey the award-winning visual novel can now be enjoyed by all. Offering up more for a whole new audience of story game fans on Steam. Developer Provodnik emailed with details about the Linux release.

I just added Linux support for Dull Grey. It is now live on Steam, and you can check it out.

Inspired by the visual style of early 20th Century Soviet art. The Dull Grey story also falls inline with Russia’s finest storytellers. While letting players experience the emotional story of a mother and son. As well as the concept of free will and the search for happiness. Doing so in a bleak retro-futuristic world controlled by the robotic Progress program.

Dull Grey – Steam Launch Trailer

Players will be making the same choice again and again. Should the son become a lamplighter or a tally man. Doing so through an unusual binary choice mechanic that leads to an unexpected multitude of endings. There is also secret content to discover. Dull Grey is a dramatic visual novel like no other. Sine the truth of the design is to be experienced through multiple playthroughs.

Can players lead the son to happiness and see his story unfold in full colour?


  • Experience Dull Grey in the drama of everyday life. Doing so in the context of a retro-futuristic world controlled by the Progress program
  • An unusual choice mechanic that leads to an unexpected range of endings and hidden content
  • Also using a visual style tracing back to early 20th century Soviet art
  • Themes and story inspired by the works of Russia’s finest storytellers. Due to the worlds of the Strugatsky brothers, Dostoevsky’s novels and
  • Tarkovsky’s movies
  • A short but meaningful experience, designed to be replayed

Dull Grey emotional story game has a Linux release with Windows PC via Steam. All priced £3.99, $4.99, €3.99, 175 руб.