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Dull Grey visual novel due to get a native port

dull grey visual novel game about growing up is due to get a port for linux with windows pc

Dull Grey visual novel game about growing up is due to get a port for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to details from developer Provodnik Games. Having just been released on Steam.

Provodnik Games have released its interactive drama Dull Grey on Windows PC. Which is an award winning visual novel about growing up. This can now take on a whole new audience of story game fans. But we do have formal confirmation that a Linux build is in the works as well.

Yeah, I have such plans. Need to make a research first, but, I think Linux support will be available before the end of this year.

This statement is outlined in the Discussions post.

Provodnik Games also reached out via email explaining that plans are in the works. However, Dull Grey is written for HTML5 and then put into a standalone application with help of ElectronJS. Which explains the research aspect. However, what’s impressive. The game is already doing very well on consoles (Xbox One and PS4). So I’m hoping for a solid part on Linux as well.

Dull Grey – Steam Launch Trailer

Inspired by the visual style of early 20th Century Soviet art. The story works of Russia’s finest storytellers. Dull Grey lets players experience the emotional story of a mother and son. Also the concept of free will and the search for happiness in a bleak retro futuristic world. All controlled by the robotic Progress program.

Players will be making the same choice again and again. Should the son become a lamplighter or a tallyman? All through an unusual binary choice mechanic that leads to an unexpected multitude of endings. There is also secret content to discover. Dull Grey is a dramatic visual novel like no other. Since the design is to experience the game through multiple playthroughs.

Can players lead the son to happiness and see his story unfold in full colour?

Roman Vlasov, co-founder of Provodnik Games said: “The release on consoles was an unexpected and exciting adventure. Now we feel that our game is coming to the store where it really belongs. We can’t wait for Steam players to get to know Dull Grey. And we hope that the game will resonate in their hearts.”

Dull Grey visual novel game about growing up releases on Windows PC. Due to arrive on Linux before the end of the year. Available on Steam, priced $4.99 USD, £3.99, €3.99, 175 руб.

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