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Dungeon Defenders II coming to Early Access

Dungeon Defenders II coming to steam early access december

Trendy Entertainment has #announced that Dungeon Defenders II will release via Steam Early Access on December 6th on Steam. The highly anticipated #sequel will give gamers an exciting new experience for #Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

From the Press Release
Trendy Entertainment, the masterminds behind 2011’s critically acclaimed action tower defense hit Dungeon Defenders, announced that their highly anticipated sequel, Dungeon Defenders II, EARLY ACCESS program will launch in conjunction with the 2014 GAMING AWARDS through Steam on December 5th.

“With over six million Dungeon Defenders players across PC, Console & Mobile, we’re thrilled to be able to offer them the chance to play Dungeon Defenders II,” said Darrell Rodriguez, CEO of Trendy Entertainment. “At Trendy, we believe the best games are made in a partnership with their communities. For the last 12 months we’ve been quietly developing Dungeon Defenders II with a limited group of community members we call the Defense Counsel, and we are incredibly proud of our joint accomplishments. Now the time has come to bring the game to Steam and open it up a whole new channel of feedback through Early Access.”

Viewers of the 2014 GAMING AWARDS will not only get an exclusive look at Dungeon Defenders II during the show, but Trendy has also prepared a special announcement about the future of the franchise.

With hundreds of hours of gameplay already developed, players that purchase the game in Early Access will get access to a pre-alpha build of Dungeon Defenders II and be able to play the entire first region of the game with the franchise’s four iconic heroes. “This past year we’ve spent most of our time innovating and improving upon the core Action Tower Defense gameplay Dungeon Defenders is famous for, working with our Defense Council to create something fans both new and old will enjoy,” said Brad Logston, Senior Producer of the Dungeon Defenders franchise. “The most exciting thing for us? The feedback we’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive, with some saying we’ve reached a quality bar above what they expect from an Early Access game. This has meant so much to us, and as we work past pre-alpha, we’re eager for new players to join us to help make the best Dungeon Defenders game possible.”

In Dungeon Defenders II, the land of Etheria has been invaded by the Old Ones and players must rally, alone or with friends, to push them back! With a host of new defenses, features and loot protecting Etheria has never been more fun than in this Action Tower Defense adventure.

Dungeon Defenders II is currently in development for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. The PC versions will launch on Early Access on Steam on December 5, 2014 as a premium experience. In the future Trendy plans to make the entire Dungeon Defenders 2 experience free, supported by ethical in-game purchases. For updates, Check out

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