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Dungeon League releases on Early Access

dungeon league releases on early access for linux mac windows

Dungeon League [official website] is a dungeon crawler party game releases on Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows. Coming from developer, Achebit, and publisher, Surprise Attack Games, has released in Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows PC via Steam and the Humble Store. A full release is planned for mid-2016.

Dungeon League takes everything that is awesome about dungeon crawling and spews it out as 10 minutes of chaotic, multiplayer, party-game action. Up to four players take to the procedurally generated dungeon to battle each other (and hordes of enemies) in a series of two minute rounds pulled at random from a stack of wildly different Quests such as Deathmatch, Capture the Flag or Witch’s Eye. The first to claim three rounds will be THE Champion of the Dungeon League.

In between rounds, the heroes rapidly level up based on how well they performed in the dungeon, spending skill points on unlocking new spells and abilities. They then blow all their gold on magical items at the shop.

Dungeon League releases a new Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Intense Dungeon Crawling Action – Rounds last just two minutes and feature hordes of enemies to kill, objectives to achieve, traps to avoid and opponents to see defeat. Win three rounds to be THE Dungeon League Champion.
  • Easy to pick up, hard to put down –  Dungeon League takes everything awesome about RPGs and removes the boring bits. It’s simple to learn, anyone can play and there’s always time for one more go.
  • All the RPG tropes got invited – Heroes, warriors, rogues, trolls, wizards, dungeons, traps, flickering torches. Also goblins, loot, skills, stat points, sweet epic gear sold by a mysterious and seductive merchant. One of indeterminate species and an anthropomorphised unicorn. They all came to the party.
  • More modes than your Dad’s old dungeon crawler – Every Tournament match randomly pulls from a stack of different Quests. From Deathmatch to Capture the Flag to Witches Eye and Obelisk, your Dad has never played a game like this. Take time out from the competition in the co-operative Gauntlet and Survival game modes or chuck the old trollskin around in Dungeon Ball, all due to arrive during Early Access along with more Tournament Quests.
  • Level at light speed – These All Stars take three or four levels at a time, man. Rapidly train your hero through their skill path between rounds before visiting Zug the Shopkeeper to purchase some Winged Boots, Vampiric Rings or Shadow Amulets. Find the perfect build to give you the edge in the next bout.
  • Take your All Star out for a test run – Worried about looking like a Sunday crawler or not sure what All Star to choose? Jump into the freeplay area to bash some monsters and learn how to master each character.


Having developed Dungeon League for over a year with extensive testing at events. Achebit and Surprise Attack Games are bringing a highly polished slice of the game to Early Access. While building a larger community, gather feedback to help with balancing as well as player-input on new content. Achebit have a commitment to extensive content additions before the final launch. And also plan two brand new co-operative modes (Gauntlet and Survival) An additional competitive mode (Dungeon Ball), more Quests for Tournament mode. Plus more characters, monsters, items and dungeon sets.

Early Access:

Dungeon League releases on Steam Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

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