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Dustforce sweeps its way to Linux

Dustforce sweeps its way to Linux

When Dustforce first launched earlier this year, it provided a remarkably fresh platforming experience. By sweeping up debris, leaves, and particulate matter, you could move around smart level designs and chain combos together, all the while combating baddies and engaging in some pretty tough jumps.

Dustforce was a 2D platformer worth playing, so that’s why it’s great to know that it is now available to even more gamers. According to a tweet from developer Hitbox Team, the game is now available on Linux. Yay for options!

In addition to platform variety, some new difficulty settings have been added to Dustforce. Players can brave zettadifficult and yottadifficult settings. Seriously, those sound too terrifying for me to even dare attempt.

As if all that wasn’t enough awesome Dustforce news, you can also snag the game through the Humble Indie Bundle along with its soundtrack. Sweet? Sweet!

The unstoppable pay-what-you-can game bundle collects platformers, physics puzzlers, and even the original Torchlight.

Source: GameZone


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