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Dustwind real time tactical on Sale and Proton

dustwind real time tactical on sale and proton in linux windows pc games

Dustwind is a real time tactical games on Sale and works on Linux via Proton. Developer Dustwind Studios is running that Sale on Steam. Holding a 76% review rating. But the games also still receiving development.

Dustwind takes place in a post apocalyptic world. Having been in Early Access since last November 2017. Launching their ‘Full Release’ via Steam in August 2018. The games still in development. Since we still do not have a Linux release. Just Proton.
But we news about the singleplayer campaign. Announcing the news on Steam regarding development plans.

“We are proud to announce that a Single Player Campaign mode has been in development and will be launching sometime this year, further details and updates will be mentioned when we near closer to an official launch period.”

The singleplayer campaign is something I’m looking forward too. Dustwind is a great game. The fact that players have selection of community built maps. Which also means you don’t have to play a static list. But hopefully we have a native release as well.

The whole point of Dustwind is to sneak. Then aim for body parts, using a various weapons and ammo. Since you can trick and flank your enemies. Disarm traps in this real time tactical game. Which works better depending on your character stats. Or drive and repair vehicles.
Take some caution to avoid blowing up all of your teammates. Seriously, don´t take that bazooka into close quarters combat. Which works well via Proton on Linux. Check out the basic combat tactics video below.

Dustwind Combat System Basics (Windows, no Linux yet)


  • Tactical Action Combat
    You will need your tactical thinking in Dustwind. Also some reflex as you lead your character(s) into battle. Sneak, aim for body parts or use various weapons and ammo. Driving vehicles, deploying turrets and barricades. While you use the environment to your advantage. Or simple trick and flank your enemies. Setup or disarm traps. And try not to blow up all of your teammates!
  • Create and Tweak Your Custom Characters
    No fixed classes, no pay-to-win. So experiment with various character builds. Without wasting your time. But you only get 10.000 points to spend on each Dustwind character you make. So spend them wisely to find the coolest combination. Both of skills and gear that suits you personally. Don´t worry though, you can re-stat. Or make a new character at any time! And as you gain ranks as a player. You also unlock nice new items to give to your warriors!
  • Play as a DOG
    Dogs are great support units who can throw grenades. Also drive cars, deploy turrets and fire mounted car guns. Even heal people (bring your DOGtor!). Also repair stuff, bite enemies in the butt. The only thing they can’t do is use (the most) human weapons. But so what? Show those humans how tactical fighting is done! Wuff!


A typical game session in Dustwind is interesting. Guaranteed to generate some interesting situations. Since people are flying around with their limbs torn off. Usually after some dumb incident. Such as being kicked into a mine. So remember to shoot them at a distance. But also be careful when bouncing a grenade off a wall. Since it usually ends up back into your own face.
The same things goes for being shot by your minigun wielding friend. The one who was just trying to protect you from the raiders. The world of Dustwind is full of chaos. But it’s also fun. The way it goes down is blood and hilarious.

Also a typical game session is between 10 minutes and 1.5 hours. This also depends on which game mode and map you play. Large cooperative maps take longer. While competitive matches are usually timed at 10-20 minutes.

The full release for Dustwind is $24.99 USD. But the real time tactical games on sale. Discounted 25% to $18.74 USD. The sale ends on April 23rd 10 am PST. And the game works well on Linux via Proton. Thanks to the Unity 3D engine.

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