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Dustwind tactical combat – The Making of

dustwind tactical combat the making of on linux windows

Dustwind tactical combat has the first “the making of” video for Linux and Windows. While Dustwind Studios team is offering a new behind the scenes look at Dustwind. This first “making of” video which highlights the creation of Dustwind. You’ll meet Dimitri Zaitsev, who is a well-known artist on the post-apocalyptic scene.

Dimitri Zaitsev is also the creative force behind the game. Since he lives and breathes the “post-apocalypse” genre. Who is the owner of “Nuclear Snail Studios” where he creates post-apo outfits. Doing so for various entertainment sets and Live Action Role Plays (LARP’s). Which creates a further perspective in “The Making of” video.

Dustwind is all about real-time tactical combat in a grim post-apocalyptic setting. Creating uniquely balanced characters, and making your opponent´s heads explode. And doing so in many hilarious ways. Have you ever seen someone being shot with a plunger to the face. Or kicked off a sniper tower by an armored dog? You will in Dustwind! Happens every day…

You can play various MP game modes with or against your friends, or play Solo missions against the environment. They will eat you alive if you aren’t careful and coordinated. This is where it gets REALLY tactical. But don´t worry, you can always come back with another character build & strategy (or more plungers) and eventually, you will prevail against the 100 or so computer-controlled Raiders.

Oh, and if you´re a mapper, the built-in map editor will be just your thing.  So gear up and let the CLUSTERFUN begin!” – Dimitri Zaitsev, Creative Director

Dustwind tactical combat ‘The making of’ – Creative Direction

Come Join the Clusterfun! View the Community Host Schedule or Host Your Own!

So a typical Dustwind session is anywhere between 10 minutes and 1.5 hours. Strongly depending on which game mode and map you play. Since large cooperative maps take longer (if you don´t die). While competitive matches are usually timed at 10-20 minutes.

Core Features & Gameplay Descriptions:

  • Tactical Action Combat
    You will need your tactical thinking and just a bit of reflex as you lead your character(s) into battle. So sneak, aim for body parts, use varied weapons and ammo. Also drive vehicles, deploy turrets and barricades and use the environment to your advantage. While you trick and flank your enemies. Place or disarm traps and try not to blow up all of your teammates!
  • Create and Tweak Your Custom Characters
    No fixed classes, no pay-to-win in Dustwind. Experiment with various character builds without wasting your time. But you only get 10.000 points to spend on each character you make, so spend them wisely to find the coolest combination of skills and gear that suits you personally. Don´t worry though, you can re-stat or make a new character at any time! And as you gain ranks as a player, you unlock cool new items to give to your warriors!
  • Play as a DOG
    Dogs are great support units who can throw grenades, drive cars, deploy turrets, fire mounted car guns, heal people (bring your DOGtor!), repair stuff, bite enemies in the butt, and more… The only thing they can’t do is use (the most) human weapons. But so what? Show those humans how tactical fighting is done! Wuff!
    A typical game session in Dustwind is almost guaranteed to generate some interesting situations where people are flying around with their limbs torn off after some dumb incident, such as being kicked into a mine, bouncing a grenade off a wall back into your own face, or being shot by your minigun-wielding pal who was just trying to protect you from the raiders… The world of Dustwind is full of chaos, and the way it manifests itself is blood & hilarity.

Make Your Own Maps and Rulesets with Ease

Dustwind is meant to be played the way YOU want to play it! Stay with the default maps and rules, or create house rules with just a few clicks. Enjoy cool maps created by others, or enjoy the ability to create your own maps. Our user-friendly, Steam Workshop integrated map editor allows you to leave your mark on the game by expressing your creativity and sharing your work proudly and easily with the entire community. Power to the people! View the ‘Map Editor‘ in Action (Linux and Windows).

Linux and Windows Release:

So Dustwind is available on Steam priced at $24.99 USD. While Windows shows support, there is an active Linux build available. This also includes support for the in-game Map Editor. Since it actually helps to put “the making of” video proper perspective.

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