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Dwarf’s Adventure out now in Early Access

dwarf’s adventure roguelike game releases in early access on linux and windows pc

Dwarf’s Adventure roguelike game releases in Early Access on Linux and Windows PC. Which is the creative work from developer EskemaGames. Which is now available on Steam.

Independent game developer and publisher EskemaGames is releasing Dwarf’s Adventure. This is their old-school dungeon creation and exploration game. One where you play as a dwarf looking for new dungeons to explore. So, to stay alive, you must collect loot, fight monsters, avoid traps, and manage your resources. Due to stay in Early Access for around 9 months, depending on the addition of new content.

Dwarf’s Adventure Trailer Release

Experience unique gameplay similar to some games from the 1990s. Since it’s up to you have to decide what to do in each section of the dungeon. you can also wait until your next spot to take a new decision. That makes the game more strategic about what to do.
So, do you need to fight that enemy?, maybe there’s a way around. Or do you need that loot?
Your decisions cost you energy in Dwarf’s Adventure, so think twice before act.


  • Normal or retro graphics mode. (PS1 style)
  • Level editor to create your own levels.
  • Workshop to download new Dwarf’s Adventure levels, or upload your own.
  • Ambient soundtrack to enjoy your experience even more.
  • Enjoy unique gameplay close to 90’s games.

With the help of the level editor, you can create your own levels. Since you can either add them to the game or share them with other players via the Steam Workshop.

Your objective is quite simple in Dwarf’s Adventure, find the exit of the dungeon. Doing so while you complete the objectives proposed. But watch out!, you have to survive and manage your resources. Find loot to stay alive, fight monsters, avoid traps… You know the deal!

Dwarf’s Adventure roguelike game is now live via Steam Early Access. Priced at $6.29 USD / £4.67 / 5,12€, including the 10% discount. Along with support for Linux and Windows PC. Certainly worth playing for the price.