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Dwarrows building adventure incoming

dwarrows building adventure to release on linux mac windows pc

Dwarrows is a new building adventure due to release on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to Toronto, Canada developer Lithic Entertainment Inc. And this unique builder is coming to Steam next month.

Dwarrows is a peaceful 3rd person adventure and town building game. Since you will have to gather and build. There is also a puzzle aspect, exploration, and questing. All this stunning handcrafted world.

Likewise, Lithic Entertainment officially announces the fast-approaching release date. So they can present their peaceful adventure. and let players get into the town building game. Dwarrows is a singleplayer experience. Due to arrive on Linux, Mac and Windows PC on February 28th, 2020. And it seems the developer is targeting Steam. Not only that, but there is a Vulkan option or OpenGL option when launching the game.

Dwarrows Official Trailer

Dwarrows takes place in a gorgeous hand-crafted setting. While presenting a unique and fresh mix. Both for the town-building and action adventure genres. There is definitely a more casual and playful vibe. Since players build and grow a new settlement. Search the lush forests for resources. Then adventure through mysterious new places to find lost artifacts.
You will also meet strange and quirky characters in Dwarrows. Invite wondering people to join their town. Also befriend cute animals who follow and help them in their travels.


  • Explore: Play as three uniquely skilled characters. Then quest and puzzle through Dwarrows peaceful and atmospheric world.
  • Gather: Supply your town with resources gathered from the land surrounding it. From hidden treasures and other wonders.
  • Build: Discover and unlock new structures in Dwarrows. So you can grow and improve your town.
  • Befriend: Find friendship in the local wildlife. Help boost your town and character abilities. Invite the wandering Wood-Elves to join and grow your town.

“We are excited to get Dwarrows into the hands of our fans and followers,” says Andy Wood, co-founder of Lithic Entertainment. “We’ve been working hard for a long time. And we can’t wait to debut our game-baby to the world.”

To learn more about Dwarrows, visit the official website. You can follow the game on Twitter and Discord and be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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