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Dwerve hits goal on first day and releases Demo

dwerve hits funding goal on the first day on kickstarter and releases a demo for linux mac windows pc

Dwerve hits funding goal on the first day on Kickstarter and releases a Demo for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Which is available thanks to developer Half Human Games. Plus you can take a dip into gameplay on Steam.

The new upcoming tower defense dungeon crawler RPG, Dwerve is doing well. Since the campaign hits funding goal on the first day via Kickstarter. Now the crowdfunding campaign is more than double the funding goal. Plus you can check out the playable demo. Which is certainly proving to be an asset for the campain. While including a 1-hour slice of the full gameplay experience via Steam. The stretch goals for extended story and localization have been announced as well. Since the campaign already passes the first stretch goal. Which ads a game mode that consists solely of boss battles.

Dwerve Kickstarter Trailer

Dwerve is a beautifully crafted Zelda-inspired action RPG. While offering innovative tower defense- ased combat. Due to arrive on Linux, Mac and Windows PC in 2021. Likewise, the game takes inspirat by SNES RPG’s like A Link to the Past. Dwerve takes all the mechanics you know and love. So things like dungeon crawling, questing, exploring, and storytelling. While presenting it with a new style of tactical turret-based combat. Where strategic turret and trap placement decide the outcome of each battle!

Dwerve itself tells the story of a young dwarven tinkerer. Who adventures into dwarven ruins to unearth the lost technologies of the ancient warsmiths. Such as turrets and traps. These are also the only weapons that can protect the dwarves. Hopefully keeping them safe from Witch Queen Vandra the Wicked. Who pits you against her army of bloodthirsty trolls and monstrous creatures.


  • Tactical turret-based combat involves making strategic decisions about which turrets and traps to build and where.
  • Upgrade your arsenal with over a dozen turrets and traps, each with it’s own unique upgrade tree.
  • Discover powerful artifacts: an arrow-blocking shield, dashing boots, a bouncing boomerang, a ground-shaking hammer, and more!
  • Story-based campaign. Unravel the history of the dwarves and the trolls. All in the Dwerve story that features diverse characters and an unpredictable plot!
  • Explore ancient dungeons in multiple biomes, each with hidden secrets, mysterious puzzles, and interesting lore!
  • Fully dynamic lighting. Adventure through dimly lit dungeons that come to life with dynamic lights and shadows!

Since Dwerve hits funding goal on the first day via Kickstarter. But releases a Demo for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Working its way up to the Mario-style overworld map Stretch goal. So you can travel around the world.

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