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Dwerve prologue and coming to the PAX 10

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Dwerve tower defense dungeon crawler RPG games prologue via Linux, Mac, and Windows PC and it’s coming to the PAX 10. Thanks to developer Half Human Games. Due to make its way onto Steam in 2022.

Half Human Games announces that their upcoming Zelda inspired tower defense dungeon crawler RPG, Dwerve, has been selected for The PAX 10. Doing so for an Indie Showcase at PAX West. Each year a group of 50 industry experts selects the ten best indie games. All based on gameplay and overall fun factor.

To celebrate, the team will release a free demo, Dwerve: Prologue. Due to be available on Steam on the first day of PAX West, Friday, September 3rd. PAX West takes place at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. Actually kicking off on Labor Day Weekend, Friday, September 3rd through Monday, September 6th.

“It’s exciting to see Dwerve get recognition by industry experts for The PAX 10. PAX West gives us the chance to reach new fans and get feedback before the full game release,” says Half Human Games co-founder Pixel Pete. “Come play Dwerve, just don’t sneeze on me.”

Dwerve is a tower defense dungeon crawler RPG about a young dwarven tinkerer. One who also adventures into dwarven ruins to unearth the lost technologies. These are the ancient warsmiths, the creators of turrets and traps. Since these are the only weapons that can protect the dwarves from Witch Queen Vandra. Also against her army of bloodthirsty trolls and monstrous creatures.

Dwerve Steam Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Dwerve: Prologue is your training for the main game. Since Tinker has a couple of the turrets, the weapons of the Warsmiths! Then meet your companions! While you learn the basic strategies and tactics of turret based combat. Hone your tower defense dungeon crawling skills. All so you’re ready for the main game!


  • Fight with Turrets and Traps! Make strategic decisions about which turrets and traps to build in Dwerve. Also where to place them, and when to replace them with different ones.
  • Upgrade your Arsenal! Collect over a dozen turrets and traps. Each with its own unique upgrade tree that lets you customize them to best suit your favorite strategies.
  • Discover Powerful Artifacts: an arrow blocking shield, dashing boots, and a bouncing boomerang. Plus a ground shaking hammer, and a….boomeraxe?!
  • Story Based Campaign! Unravel the riddled history of the dwarves and the trolls. Dwerve offers a story that features diverse characters and an unpredictable plot!
  • Explore Ancient Dungeons! Adventure through multiple biomes, each with hidden secrets, mysterious puzzles, interesting lore, and dynamic lighting!

Do you have what it takes to delve into the dungeons of Mount Crowcrest as Dwerve. All while you stop the Witch Queen Vandra and her Gloomdark Hordes? Join the Dwerve Discord and follow @HalfHumanGames to get updates and follow development.

Also make sure to Wishlist Dwerve on Steam. Get ready to gear up for the Prologue on September 3rd. Which will offer support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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