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Dying Light an action survival game launch issues after latest patch


Dying Light is an action survival game presented in first-person perspective. One of the newer #AAA #games available for #Linux and Windows PC. Quite a few people have been experiencing performance issues, and initially the game did not even launch for Linux Game News. However the keen developers at Techland have pushed a few patches and the game quality for Linux has improved a great deal.

The latest patch however,  has rendered a significant issue for some Linux players, reporting they can no longer play the game. Dying Light crashes right after the launch, which remained unresolved until recently.

A simple workaround, mentioned by a user on Reddit explains that players should start Steam in offline mode, which in turn will allow the game to run just fine. This is not a complicated solution, so any achievements gained will be awarded when player go back online. The bug has already been reported to Techland, as there are a few users experiencing this problem on the Steam forums.

There is also a comprehensive list on the Steam forums, so if you are one of the few to experience any problems, check there first. Chances are Techland is well aware of the issue and have already started working on a solution.


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