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Dying Light free Hard Mode update released from Techland

Devopers #Techland have #released the free #hardmode update for Dying Light along with a short video message teasing a lineup of DLC releases in the works.

A glimpse of some of the new additions in the game was revealed towards the end of a video from YouTuber Ethan Shapiro. New character outfits, gameplay modes, and vehicle was shown amongst the other upcoming features for the game.

Meanwhile, the ‘Dying Light‘ Hard Mode released features various changes to the gameplay including the following:

  • HARD MODE – a new challenge for die-hard survivors
  • EXTRA OUTFITS – including national and reward outfits
  • DOZENS OF NEW WEAPONS – Bone Splitter, Rune Hammer & more
  • Rarity level GOLD – for the most sought-after weapons out there
  • Various gameplay tweaks and improvements

A new bow and arrow weapon were shown. Also there seems to be a time trial mode and a new stadium arena. A promising new vehicle that looks like a dune buggy was shown in the clip.

The CEO of Techland’s game development, Pawel Marchewka, revealed in his statement as saying, “This is just the start of what we will be bringing you in the Dying Light world, and that they will continue the development of Dying Light. We want to hereby promise we will be actively supporting Dying Light with original content, such as new maps, modes, skills, quests, weapons, and much more,” Marchewka says.

Fans can look forward to the series of Dying Light DLCs to be released soon, as promised.


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