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Dying Light glitch allows players to duplicate any item in inventory


So, we have uncovered a small but eloquent secret for you. Have you been having trouble running and jumping your way through Dying Light? Are you stuck without #cash or #weapons? Then maybe you need a little #help. Maybe you need to duplicate some items?

Dying Light has hit the gaming world with its parkour survivor horror style game, while also crushing the skull of a wandering zombie. It’s Dead Island meets Mirror’s Edge gameplayDying Light has proven that there is still life to squeeze out of the most overdone genre since early WW2 shooters.

Needless to say, Linux Game News was somewhat disappointed when we discovered our inability to run the title on Linux Mint 17.1 64-bit after installation . So we had no choice but to install it on Windows, taking notice to its gorgeous visuals and addictive gameplay.
Then recently, we found that installing the Steam for Linux Beta client seems to resolve that launch issue in the recent update. But the loading bar at the bottom takes a good 3 min’s before it completes. The game does work and run smoothly.

We would first like to point out that Linux Game News does not condone glitching or cheating, but sometimes, it works. And this simple glitch will allow you to duplicate items in your player stash to either use in your war against zombies in Dying Light, or sell to make boatloads of cash. Does that sound like something you want to try out? Then check out the video detailing exactly what you have to do below (this was done on the xbox one but works on Linux and Windows PC):

See, now you can wander the city with all of the cash and weapons you could ever need. Think of the skulls you can crush, think of the money you can make… Keep in mind, these types of glitches aren’t for everyone. But then again, neither is splattering zombie brains all over the wall with a half-broken lead pipe.

Good luck and happy zombie hunting.


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