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Dying Light new Book of Records video and upcoming HyperMode

dying light releases book of records linux mac pc

Developer Techland has #released a video showing off some large #numbers for their first-person zombie #game Dying Light. Which originally released back in in 2015 for Linux, Mac, Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, selling more than 5 million copies. While we have all seen a few zombie games, Dying Light stands out due to the open world and parkour-based combat, something not many other games can include. Bringing some light to Polish developers and the successful design strategy for games. Both Techland and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt developer CD Projekt Red are from the country.

The video below shows off some interesting facts collected by Techland. Such as players having cut off a combined 303,105,714 heads? Dealing 490,847,796 dropkicks in the game?

“Long time no see, right? Today we’ve got something special for you – the Book of Records set by the Dying Light players. Since the launch of the game, millions of zombie fans like yourself have stomped, dropkicked, and smashed zombies in countless ways. After the recent surge in player numbers, we decided to gather some of the most spectacular – or bizarre – records set by the players and put together a video that combines pure Dying Light-ness with hard hitting numbers.

As a thank you to all the players who helped create these achievements, this weekend we will activate “HyperMode”. From 8 PM on September 16th to 7 AM on September 19th (Pacific Time), you will see your in-game character have bouts of excessive strength, improved motor skills, and the ability to dropkick harder than ever before!”

The “Hyper Mode” Techland is activating for players will be crazy “bouts of excessive strength, improved motor skills, and the ability to dropkick harder than ever before.” We are good with that.


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