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Dying Light patched to prevent modification for cheating with some Linux fixes


It is not secret, there have been some #issues revolving around the recent Techland release. The developer posted a #statement on Dying Light’s Steam Community page regarding #cheating.

“With the recent patch (1.2.1) on Steam we blocked cheating to make sure the game’s PvP system (Be The Zombie) would not be abused. Which had the side-effect of hindering mod-makers from making changes to the game.

“Creating obstacles for modders has never been our intention, and we are sorry for the inconvenience. We are now working on a quick patch that will re-enable common tweaks while stopping cheating in the game’s multiplayer mode.

“At Techland, we have always supported the mod community, and loved seeing how our own game can be changed by the players. A big part of the original Dead Island’s success was the passion and creativity of mod-makers from our community. We want the same for Dying Light. For quite some time, we have been working, and still are, on giving modders all the power we can. We will keep you updated!”

According to the recent patch notes, the change “blocked cheating by changing game’s data files”, which is good for multiplayer – but as “changing game’s data files’ is pretty much what modding is, it has also affected innocent single-player mods.

Annoying as it may be, TechLand and Warner Bros. also seem to be so set on preventing modding and leveraged copyright to prevent the spread of mods. Now Reddit users, DMCA takedowns have been issued on Dying Light‘s mods hosted on media sharing sites.

The reported purpose of affected mods was to remove the film grain effect, which seems pretty harmless.

These takedowns have sparked considerable issue amongst TechLand fans as Dead Island had a creative modding scene which kept interest in the PC version alive much longer than the console releases.

Aside from cheating, there have been some keen fixes specific for Linux gamers in the patch notes.

  • Further patch details for Linux:
  • added keyboard support for unicode characters
  • fixed crashes (when unplugging game PAD controller, on landing movie)
  • fixed primary weapon HUD selection via mouse controller
  • fixed input system performance (along with mouse wheel)
  • fixed v-sync in windowed mode
  • fixed fullscreen support
  • fixed game process priority
  • fixed water reflection
  • fixed in-game menu map background
  • fixed characters faces morphing (chatters)
  • fixed missing (yellow) materials, i.e. sense mode, bushes, rocks

Known issues for Linux:

  • the game does not launch on some systems (i.e. Linux Mint)
  • the game does not work with Radeon cards
  • some rendering/OpenGL performance issues
  • too intense blur effect

Some of these issues still playing havoc with those of use running Linux Mint 17.1. Keep in mind, this is Techland’s first game release that has support for Linux, so issues are to be expected. The developer is openly managing key concerns for the game and the community.


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