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EA Testing Ubuntu As Gaming Platform?

Electronic Arts, one of the major game publishers, are testing the potential of Ubuntu as a gaming platform. The company has added two games “Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances” and “Lord of Ultima’ to Ubuntu Software Center to see what kind of response these two games get.

These are browser-based games and were already available to Linux users through Firefox and Google Chrome.

Game publishers have stayed away from Linux due to many reasons including support for advanced GPUs and technologies like DRM. The user-base of Linux is yet another reason as publishers don’t see much return on investment from Linux. Will EA’s experiment with Ubuntu change anything is hard to say.

Ubuntu’s Community Manager Jono Bacon says, “Let’s not get side-tracked by the fact that these are web games and not native to Ubuntu: EA are dipping their toes in Ubuntu as a channel of opportunity, and let’s welcome them with open arms.”

However he also adds that “While some may focus on the fact that these are loading web apps, the really exciting opportunity here is that EA have identified Ubuntu as an exciting channel to deliver their content. I would like to encourage our community to welcome EA to Ubuntu, and download and enjoy the games.”

by Swapnil Bhartiya