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Early Steam Machine preorders have sold out


As of now, Valve‘s first wave of pre-orders for the upcoming crop of hardware, has sold out. This deal that allows North American gamers to pre-order and get their hands on dedicated Steam equipment on October 16, has ended.

So if you missed the special pre-order deal, you will have to wait a full month to pick up Alienware’s Steam Machine, Steam Link or Steam Controller on November 10.

Valve announced the pre-order availability at the beginning of June, retailers would be taking pre-orders for Steam hardware under the early-release deal, and before long all those pre-order slots have been taken.

This does not mean you cannot still pre-order the equipment. The Steam store still allows you to reserve a Steam Link, Steam Controller, Alienware or Syber Steam Machine, but they will not be available until the November 10th release date.

Steam Machines run SteamOS, as we all know, the modified version of Debian Linux. With a taste of how SteamOS will function using the Steam for Linux client’s big picture mode, which is a console-type experience in and of itself. Valve is working with third-party vendors like Alienware and Syber to create new Steam Machines that boot straight into an optimized version of the Steam gaming client, capable of streaming games from another local PC.

The first Steam Machines, and their prices, began showing up on the Steam store in March, ranging from $450 to $1,500.


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