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Earthlock: Festival of Magic is a turn-based role-playing game on Kickstarter

Earthlock: Festival of Magic is a colorful turn-based role-playing game from Snowcastle Games, based in a world where technology meets magic, named Umbra. The planet mysteriously stopped spinning thousands of years ago, and now war is brewing. This is where players come in, taking the reins of a lowly desert scavenger and unlocking the mysteries of Umbra, ultimately preventing an ancient magic cult from seizing power over the world.

The game will feature a rich and immersive story, revolving around a cataclysmic event that struck the magical world ages ago and stopped it from spinning. In its wake, volcanoes awoke and oceans shifted, and countless kingdoms and civilizations fell, either buried or drowned.

Game Features:

  • Rich, non-linear story
  • Turn-based combat (No Active Time Battle)
  • Combat pairs (Allows more variations to your battle team)
  • Grow your own ammunition (Organic crafting)
  • Build and improve your home base
  • Environmental Puzzles
  • Gorgeous Overworld with a retro feel
  • No random encounters (Monsters visible at all times)
  • Play as Male or Female protagonist (You can switch at any time)

In time, the scorching sun took over one side of the planet while a dark and merciless winter took hold of the other. All the glory of the old world is lost, as today there remains a sole inhabitable region in-between the two sides of the planet. The battle system plans to go back to the roots of the role-playing game genre with proper turn-based combat and no random encounters out of the blue, all the monsters being visible on the map at all times, and there will be several variations available as far as team composition goes. Players will control parties, which are made out of pairs of characters, a warrior and a protector. The warrior will use various consumable such as ammo and items, while the protector will cast healing and shielding spells, which instead of mana points use Support Points, accumulated when the pair receives damage.

Choosing the right combination of warrior and protector will be the key to winning, as different pair actions and stats change according to how characters are grouped.

Earthlock: Festival of Magic will also be the first ever video game where players will be able to grow their own ammunition through organic crafting. Good luck trying to convince anyone that you’re just a peaceful farmer.

In addition, players will also be able to build and then improve upon their home base, and will have to solve numerous environmental puzzles set in a gorgeous world with a strong retro vibe.

Snowcastle Games will be doing an IAmA on on Wednesday March 26th, 5 pm EST (-5 GMT). Hope to see you there!

Snowcastle Games plans to release Earthlock: Festival of Magic for PC, Mac, Linux, Wii U, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with a scheduled release window of Q1 2015 and Q2 2015 for consoles.

Earthlock Festival of Magic has been Greenlit

The indie dev even has a functional early demo of the game for PC, Mac and Linux, available for all to try for free and showing an early development stage of Earthlock.

  • Download the Demo for Windows 
  • Download the Demo for Mac 
  • Download the Demo for Linux

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