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EarthX become a space company CEO

earthx game has you become a space company ceo in a linux mac windows pc simulation

EarthX game lets you become a space company CEO in this Linux, Mac and Windows PC simulation. Thanks to the creative efforts of Denis Szwarc and Michał Paciorek. The title is now available on Steam Early Access. And the reviews are 94% Positive.

EarthX will have you build a really big space company. But you also start as a small startup. Begin in 2002 with just a few million dollars. While you manage the company and build rockets. Sounds rather familiar, right? Space X meet Kerbal Space Program?

EarthX Early Access Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

You also have to build some factories for create modules. Including offices for searching contracts. While building labs for research. And of course hangars for storing your rockets.
So once you have rocket built, you can launch it up into space. Don’t forget, your rockets may also explode. So your first launch will likely be a test mission. While your customers can see your capability.
Once you also gain some trust in EarthX. Then you can take some of the available contracts. While you shoot the real payloads into orbit.


  • Build rockets
    Unlock modules (19 available for now), design your rocket project. And build their variations in the EarthX factories.
  • Launch, Land, Repeat
    Launch disposable rockets, and later with the new technology. Certify by landing your space craft on the barge.
  • The rockets may explode sometimes
    The rocket build quality and durability have a big influence on this. The more rockets you build, the more experience you gain. Since this will help you avoid explosions.
  • Take contracts and complete the EarthX missions
    Your level of trust affects what contracts you receive. Each contract has its own missions. Which you also have to complete on time.
  • Manage the logistics on the planet
    Build factories, offices, labs and hangars. You can upgrade every building. Since this gives you additional work speed.
  • Manage your company
    Upgrade company, hire employees and apply them to the buildings. And gain achievements.
  • It’s just a.. statistics
    See what you did over the whole play session. Take notes and continue with the new game then. Your next game will be better!

EarthX space company simulation is on Early Access. It’s priced at $7.19 USD. This includes a 10% discount until July 19th. Which is available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.