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ECHOPLEX puzzle platformer native release

echoplex puzzle platformer linux release mac and windows

ECHOPLEX is a time-bending puzzle platformer set to release this week on Mac and Windows on Steam, but not Linux. So we reached out to developer Output Games for platform support details. And according to the feedback, there are some issues outstanding.

“There is no Linux release planned at this stage – we don’t yet have the resources to make it happen.”

So this comes as somewhat of a surprise. Since out previous news post outlines a Linux demo. Which is still available, hence the 5-level demo. But the full release will not get native support.

Some of this would have to do with some previous details:

“Our challenge is video playback. ECHOPLEX features live action cut scenes. Which we want to play at 1920×1080 with a minimum 10Mbps bit rate. Unity’s standard way of playing videos does not produce great results. So we’ve had to rely on a third party video playback asset. The asset we’ve chosen gives us smooth playback at high quality. But unfortunately only supports Windows and Mac.

My core team at Output Games is currently 2 people. So right now we don’t have the resources to build a custom player. If that changes in future and it makes commercial sense. I would love to release a Linux version.”

Some of this information is outlined via the Steam discussion. But previously game to LGC via email back in April, 2017.
But since there is a Linux demo available, we were optimistic about native support.

Output Games has announced that its debut title ECHOPLEX will exit Early Access. Launching on Steam as a full release for Windows and Mac on March 15, 2018.

ECHOPLEX Puzzle Platformer Trailer (Mac, Windows, no Linux)

Short Description
ECHOPLEX is a time-bending puzzle platformer with a full-motion video story. While trapped in a mysterious looping simulation, you are followed by an “Echo” of yourself — an exact  duplicate who repeats everything you do.

In ECHOPLEX, an eerie “echo” of yourself shadows your every move. Everything you do is repeated by it – and if you stand still for too long, it’s game over. The secret to surviving in ECHOPLEX is using the entity’s mimicry to your advantage. For example, walking through a door’s trigger will lock the door in front of you, but as the Echo passes through the same trigger, the door will open – allowing you to pass through.

ECHOPLEX’s non-linear storyline explores the mysterious connection between an engineer working at Clonochem Corporation and an activist protesting the company’s controversial product, Continuum. When the engineer calls a phone number written on a severed arm, he finds himself as one of many iterations caught up in an endless cycle of repeating events… Do you have what it takes to break free?

ECHOPLEX Features:

  • Solve unusual spatial puzzles anchored by an innovative Echo gameplay mechanic.
  • Experience the story through puzzle-solving and live-action video clips shot by an indie film director.
  • Explore intriguing, minimalist environments.
  • Enjoy an abstract soundscape augmented by a “cyber-horror” score composed by Revin Goff.
  • Play under intense time pressure as your Echo draws near…

Created by indie filmmaker Tyron Janse van Vuuren. ECHOPLEX features a gripping, self-contained storyline. While Tyron’s many years of experience as a director. Also plays a key role in crafting ECHOPLEX’s story arcs. Particularly during the game’s unsettling live action sequences.

Steam release details:

  • Genre: Puzzle, Action, Sci-Fi
  • Release date: March 15 2018 (Full release)
  • Platforms: PC, Mac
  • Price: $14.99 USD (10% launch discount applies for first week of release)
  • Development started: June 2015
  • Current status: Steam Early Access available

So ECHOPLEX launches on Steam as a full release on March 15, 2018. Available for Windows and Mac. Also selling for $14.99 USD (a 10% launch discount applies for first week).

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