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Eden Remains: Arrival action survival goes further

eden remains: arrival action survival goes further on windows pc but also linux gaming

Eden Remains: Arrival action survival goes further on Windows PC, but also has Linux gaming in mind. Thanks to the Christian based company Revelation Games. Who do not have a Steam page but a revealing trailer.

Eden Remains: Arrival is an upcoming sci fi first person action survival game. You play as an elite drop ship trooper sent to check out a distress signal at a remote research facility on Eden. After being shot down upon arrival you must survive the hostile planet. All while working to reach the facility and re-establish communications. As you explore a strange story about the origin of this ancient planet. You also discover what happened to the Eden initiative.

Linux Support

We’re using the Unity engine. So it’s possible we could do a Linux port down the line. But as a small indie team we are trying to only focus on PC. Due to reducing the possible scope of issues within platforms. Unity should make it easy to do that when the time comes.

Revelation Games are hoping “there are no major shader problems in the build process.” But keeping focus on Windows PC first, before expanding into Linux gaming. This is also common with a lot of Early Access titles. And since Eden Remains: Arrival is in development by a small team. Obviously, the developers are hoping Unity 3D makes porting easier. Check out the trailer to get a better idea of the gameplay.

Eden Remains: Arrival – Announcement Trailer

Revelation also points out they are taking inspiration from well known games. Such as Half-Life 2, Mass Effect, No Mans Sky and Aliens.

In the Eden Remains: Arrival trailer, you can see where Unity 3D shines through. While the adventure within the gameplay looks more like a mix of Astroneer and Doom. Facing off against other planetary explorers and massive beasts. This also means you can expect moments of tactics and tense combat. On top of things like resource mining, searching material at points of interest. Then crafting items and weapon upgrades at fabricators around the world. All while you work through story missions that evolve with your progress.

Using a unique blend of action and survival mechanics. Gameplay leaves you to explore the origins of this ancient planet. Taking on the first re-colonization attempt. This also comes nearly fifty years after the asteroid destroyed the first homeworld of mankind. So the story behind the game offers a lot on insight. It will be interesting to see where Revelation takes the journey.

Eden Remains: Arrival action survival does not have a Steam page yet. But you can check out the game’s official website. Due to arrive on Windows PC, but also continue to keep Linux gaming in the picture.

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