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Eden Remains: Arrival survival port update

eden remains: arrival survival games linux port update along with windows pc

Eden Remains: Arrival survival Linux port update along with Windows PC. All thanks to the help and support of developer Revelation Games. Working to make its way onto Steam in 2023.

If you missed our original post, Eden Remains: Arrival is a sci-fi first person action survival game. You play an elite dropship trooper sent to search out a distress signal. Doing so at a remote research facility on Eden. After being somehow shot down on arrival you must survive a hostile planet. Doing what it takes to reach the facility. And hopefully rebuild communication. Explore a unique story about the origin of an ancient planet. While you figure out what happened to the Eden project.

While this all sounds amazing, Eden Remains: Arrival is a Unity game. We also received another email reply from the developer.

But if it’s in my power and its able to be done with not much work. I would easily bring it to Linux and Mac as well.

While this is a further commitment to a Linux port. Revelation games is very busy trying to get their current state. So they are hoping there are only minimal issues. Such as tech tool problems or shader issues, etc. Which would also delay the Linux build.
However, Eden Remains: Arrival is shaping up quite nicely. The developer has a brand new gameplay teaser trailer. You might want to check this out.

Eden Remains: Arrival – Gameplay Teaser Trailer

The focus is on single player and story aspects. Eden Remains: Arrival creation is due to create a game like Half life 2. But doing so in an open world setting. Kind of like a Halo meets Subnautica combo. While offering a unique blend of action and survival mechanics. Then explore the origins of an ancient planet and the first re-colonization attempt. Taking place almost fifty years after an asteroid destroyed the first home world of mankind.

The Eden Remains: Arrival irst person action survival is coming in 2023. There is no specific release date yet. But we do see a strong commitment for a Linux port updat support with Windows PC. In the mean time, you can Wishlist the game on Steam.

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