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Eggcelerate racing gets a Winter Eggspansion

eggcelerate! racing game gets a winter eggspansion on linux mac windows pc

Eggcelerate! racing game gets a Winter Eggspansion across Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All due to the ongoing commitment and creativity of developer Tyre Bytes. Available now on Steam with a discount and Positive reviews.

Independent development studio and publisher Tyre Bytes launches the Winter Eggspansion for Eggcelerate!. In the Winter Eggspansion you will deliver Easter eggs around the North Pole. All while drifting and sliding through snowbanks without dropping an egg.

This eggspansion brings a new set of time trial challenges snowmen can do. Roads will freeze your tears while snowmen will bring out the laughter. Play again and again reacting to the slippery surfaces. Also making each attempt different than the last.

Winter Eggspansion for Eggcelerate! Trailer

The Winter Eggspansion for Eggcelerate! is based on the silly yet very challenging time trial racing game Eggcelerate!. Since it is up to you to try over and over again to improve your time without dropping an egg.

New Features:

  • Destructible snowmen
  • 30 New Winter Obstacle Courses
  • Throwing eggs without the mess.
  • Frozen Egg Yolks!
  • I See Drifting: Slide around in the snow while keeping control of your favorite egg.
  • New Winter Vehicles: Discover your favorite car, egg and bowl combinations whilst overcoming the challenges of each track to unlock the new options.
  • Better for Live Streaming: Watch your reactions as the car is never in the same place twice, sliding on the snow and ice.

While the new campaign with the Winter Eggspansion for Eggcelerate! lets you drift around the North Pole. Should you also be up to the test, this massive DLC eggspansion brings new levels. Including winter vehicles, icy physics, and 100 collectible snowmen.

Eggcelerate! was created by a single developer. Doing so with some assets provided by a live-stream community and a few freelancers.

Eggcelerate! is priced at $7.99 USD / £5.79 / 6,59€ (increasing to $11.99 USD soon) on Steam. While the new Winter Eggspansion is priced at $5.99 USD / £4.34 / 4,94€ with the 25% discount on Steam.