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Egypt: Old Kingdom historical simulator releases

egypt old kingdom historical simulator releases on linux mac windows

Egypt: Old Kingdom is as historical strategy simulator now on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. While based on the Great Pyramids period. Where the player take their own path from the unification of Egyptian tribes. All the way up to the foundation of the first empire.

To bring the game to life. Developer Clarus Victoria also worked with the assistance of Egyptologists. Creating what is proving to be an epic release, hence the 81% Positive reviews on Steam.

Since migrating to the Lower Egypt, you will settle down in Memphis. Which you can transform into the main economic center of Egypt. You will also have to explore your surroundings, develop the economy, build the Great Pyramids. But always remember that your destiny is in the hands of numerous Egyptian gods.

While are one of the multitudes of incarnations of the great Horus. You are also side by side with the pharaohs, fighting against the mighty Seth. Who unleashes numerous disasters upon the lands of Ancient Egypt.

So you have to win wars and overcome crises and discover new technologies. Worship your gods and conquer neighboring tribes.

Are you wise enough to help the ancient kings to unify Lower and Upper Egypt? While building a stable economy to erect the Great Pyramids?

Egypt: Old Kingdom historical simulator Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

  • Based on real history
    You will find yourself in Memphis, 3500-2140 years B.C., the time of the first six dynasties of pharaohs. You will unify the country and create a prosperous kingdom, which later will have to face the havoc of the First Intermediate Period.
  • Construction of the Great Pyramids
    You will lead the construction of pyramids, choose their design and materials. This process requires tremendous investments, but it is the only way to keep peace and order in the country.
  • Ancient society simulator
    You will not only deal with the problems of farmers and craftsmen but also make important political decisions, which will define the future of the kingdom. Numerous challenges and events of different scale await you.
  • Ancient maps
    Discover the world of the Old Kingdom: exploit new lands, send expeditions to different places, and meet different cultures. Use every opportunity to learn about your surroundings and to expand Egypt’s borders.
  • Differences from Predynastic Egypt
    • More diversity in the game, varied tasks in the regions, different tactics for playthroughs and unique bonuses from patron gods.
    • Egypt: Old Kingdom is longer.
    • New technologies: 3D engine and skeletal animation.

Egypt releases on Steam:

Now available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows, priced at $14.99 USD.

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