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Eight Dragons, would you buy the native release

eight dragons would you buy the linux release

Would you buy Eight Dragons if it came out with a Linux release? This is question proposed on Twitter via developer
Extend Mode. And the games due to release on Steam in June 2018.

So Eight Dragons is an old-school side-scrolling beat-’em-up. The games inspiration comes from the eighties and nineties. While taking gameplay to a whole new level.

Eight Dragons Trailer (Windows, hopefully Linux)

Since there are no cutscenes. There is just enough story to justify, no cutscenes.
So there is nothing to get in the way of the classic arcade-action. While players firght their way through criminal gangs. From one end of the city to the other. Also giving the evil Mr Big a good kicking.

Would you buy Eight Dragons if it came out on Linux?

Eight Dragons Features:

  • Extreme Multiplayer: Up to eight people can play co-operatively on one PC!
  • Simple Controls: There’s one fire button, but you can combine it with your movement to batter everybody around you!
  • Multiple Weapons: Use sledgehammers, axes, pool cues and more to crush your enemies!
  • No Cutscenes: This game is from a more civilized age, where you didn’t drop your controller to watch a movie halfway through the game. Either it happens in the game or it doesn’t happen.
  • Variable Difficulties: You can adjust how tough your enemies are, and how fast the game runs.
  • Full Controller Support: If it’s an input device, it’ll work with this game!
  • Multiple paths through the game: Choose your characters to choose your story!

So there are six days left of voting on Twitter. Click on the DATE in the embedded post above. The games due to release in June 2018. And since developer Extend Mode is making a formal request. This is far better than just casting votes on a Steam Discussion.

Steam release:

Eight Dragons is coming to Steam in June 2018 for Windows. So here’s hoping we see a Linux release in the mix.

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