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Electronic Super Joy 2 in funding via Patreon

electronic super joy 2 in funding via patreon linux mac windows games

Electronic Super Joy is a brutally hard platformer that released in 2013. Hence the titles available for Linux, Mac and #Windows with an 80% discount on Steam. While the whole #games is set in a world of pulse pounding electronic music. Players run, jump, smash & fly their way through 45+ weird & different levels. Along with low-gravity, world rotation, giant monsters & swarming missiles. Now Electronic Super Joy 2 is announced via Michael Todd on #Patreon.

So yes, now developer Michael Todd wants to add Secrets in the mix. Those secret area’s that players can uncover, explore and ideally dominate. Bringing about a new level of difficulty for the 2D indie platformer.

I’m going to make Electronic Super Joy 2.

I have just enough money in my bank account to survive on starvation rations & bare-minimum costs, for juuuust long enough to finish ESJ2.

But with your support, I won’t have to use the bathroom at Starbucks to shower & can buy slightly better food, thus preventing scurvy. Also, I can pay money to ENV, the amazing musician who made ESJ’s soundtrack, so he can quit his job as a butcher (not a joke), and spend his time making beautiful music.

I’m going to make ESJ2, and release it on Steam + Consoles, or die trying. But with your help, feedback & support, we can go over & above, to make this a truly amazing game.

Since we did reach out for further details about Electronic Super Joy 2. It’s safe to say that Linux, Mac and Windows will see support once again via Unity 3D. Plus the Patreon allows you to pledge and play new levels as they are available. Which is better than releasing a demo, since people already know the first games experience.

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