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Elegy for a Dead World coming to Linux, Mac and PC with your support on Kickstarter

Elegy for a Dead World described as “part video game, part creative #writing exercise and part sociological experiment.” It’s a fascinating concept, but #developers Dejobaan Games (Drunken Robot Pornography) and Popcannibal (Girls Like Robots) need some additional funding to push it past the 11th hour of its dev cycle.

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“Development started in October 2013 on what was initially a week-long experiment. It has since grown into a passion project that we’ve been self-funding. We’re committed to finishing this project, but we need your help to give it the final push,” the developer explained on its Kickstarter page.

“After nearly a year in development, Elegy is almost finished,” it added, but there’s still a few coats of polish it wants to apply before it releases its audacious art project into the wild. Mostly, it just needs to fund additional painting and animations, soundscapes, and writing prompts to further flesh out its worlds… or get you to flesh them out anyway.


  • Players explore three worlds based on the works of British Romantic Era poets:
    • Shelley’s World, based on Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley
    • Byron’s World, based on Darkness by Lord Byron
    • Keats’ World, based on When I Have Fears That I May Cease to Be by John Keats
  • Each world includes multiple sets of “writing prompts” which help players create different stories (e.g. a short story about a politician’s final address; a poem about a young girl’s final days; a song about discovering long-dead worlds; etc.).

Backers can spend $10 to receive a Steam key for the game on Linux, Mac and Windows PC upon its early 2015 release. Or you can get in on the fun later this month by spending $25 and getting a beta code as soon as the Kickstarter ends on 21st October.

So far Elegy for a Dead World has only raised $12,216 of its $48K goal, but it just launched its crowdfunding campaign earlier today.


“Nobody’s created a writing game quite like Elegy before,” the developer said. “How do we engage with people to get them to write? Does the art convey enough to give writers something to run with? Is it even the kind of game people will want to play? In the 15 years during which we’ve been in business, we’ve had projects take much longer than expected, and have had to cancel others outright.”

“Elegy” may be about a dead world, but let’s hope the project itself comes to life.

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