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Elemental War strategy coming to Early Access

elemental war strategy coming to early access on linux mac windows

Elemental War tower defense strategy coming to Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows. Where gameplay offers you 3 game modes, 5 difficulty levels, 6 scenarios, countless maps and enemy types. Coming to Steam on October 18th, 2018. Which seems to resemble Dungeons 3 (minus the building) with classic tower defense.

Also, Elemental War comes with dozens of action-packed hours of gameplay. Players can compete with friends and players from around the world.

At the heart of gameplay is Hero Mode. Since this offers randomly generated enemy waves with every wave getting a special ability. These abilities give enemies advantages (e.g. regeneration, more defense, temporary invincibility). Also disadvantages (e.g. enemy becomes slower or weaker).

So to be able to fight against these abilities more easily, the player has to collect items. Those are randomly awarded for beating elementals or discovering items on the map. Since items can globally decrease monster/improve tower attributes. Also triggering special effects (e.g. more gold) can contain active abilities or be equipment for towers.
This does not improves towers a little, but also gives them completely new abilities. The most powerful items can be unlocked via quests – tasks that can be mastered with luck and skill.

Elemental War Tower Defense Strategy (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Three different game modes: Classic Mode, Survival Mode, Hero Mode
  • More than 50 items and monster abilities in Hero Mode
  • 6 settings from desert to graveyard
  • Rankings: detailed leaderboards of players based on city, region and country

Three game modes which present completely different challenges to you:

Hero Mode

Only for real heroes: There are no limits in this mode. Each enemy has a unique feature that makes your life difficult. But in return, you’ll also find powerful items to reinforce your towers.

Classic Mode

This mode follows the classic rules of a tower defense game. Surviving 60 enemy waves by building your towers at the strategically most convenient positions. While strengthening your bastion using combinations of the seven elements.

Survival Mode

No pause for breath: In Survival Mode, the enemy waves follow each other directly – and constantly confront you with enormous problems. Here all your skills are required from start to finish. How long are you able to withstand the monsters?

Since I typically do not get excited about tower defense games. Elemental War and their different styles of gameplay get my attention. Presenting more challenge and competitive modes to keep the players attention. Which also keeps you involved in the gameplay and continuously planning, thinking and facing challenges.

Steam Early Access:

Elemental War is also coming to Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam Early Access. We will have more details regarding price soon.