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Elite Dangerous hits funding goal with days to go on Kickstarter

More than 21,000 backers make pledges with 37 hours remaining

Frontier’s Elite Dangerous Kickstarter campaign has reached its £1.25m funding goal with just over two days left.

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Launched two months ago on November 5th, the crowdfunded project is a sequel to 80s space sim classic Elite which was originally released for the BBC Micro and Acorn Electron.

The Kickstarter campaign has steadily garnered £1,282,323 from 21,736 backers at the time of writing, meaning the game will now go into full development.

17 backers of the title have pledged more than $4,500 to the space sim, with the most popular funding tier at £20, through which 9810 contributors have donated funds to reserve a digital copy of the finished game.

Frontier has now also revealed new stretch goals for the campaign, which includes a Mac version of the game if the project hits £1.4m, as well as a further ten playable ships if the project reaches £1.5m.

Can you release “Elite: Dangerous” on the (iPhone/iPad/Console/Mac/Linux/Oculus Rift/Raspberry Pi) platform?

Yes. It would be great. The PC version comes first though, and then we will look at the demand for other platforms. If the game exceeds its target, then there will be scope to increase the number of platforms. We will discuss with the backers in the design discussion forum, and how to address the issues that will arise, but I have every hope that we will cover some or all of these platforms.

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