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Elteria Adventures gets a gameplay overhaul

elteria adventures gets a big graphics and gameplay overhaul in linux gaming mac and windows pc

Elteria Adventures gets a big graphics and gameplay overhaul in Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of the developer Elteria Team. Which is still available as a playable Alpha on Steam.

The developers of the upcoming online sandbox RPG Elteria Adventures has a major graphics and gameplay rebuild. Since these changes help tp create a better and more clear player experience. The first wave of these changes has already reached the closed playtest stage. Of course, the developers are also actively looking for more play testers. Which you can play for Free on Steam, simply request access to join the Alpha. Plus, you can see what changes are coming via the game’s roadmap.

Elteria Adventures Trailer

The first wave of changes has a major rework of the game’s graphics and creative elements:

  • Cubes! The world, previously coming with rounded voxels. So the developers are now switching to cubic ones, like other games in the genre. This, along with the graphics improvements, creates a very different feel in the game world. “Elteria Adventures playtests show us that cubic surroundings lead to a better player experience. The world becomes more easily readable and looks way more in line with players’ beautiful building creations, the developers noted.
  • Optimized Building. The Elteria Adventures update offers a reworked building framework. Since this makes the building process even easier. It also adds smaller building blocks, which opens more creative options for design. All while adding further choices in natural settings. Such as things like caves and mountains.
  • Accessible Terramorphing. The update makes it easier to gather resources. At the same time, you can also destroy and rebuild settings. This means that players can now have better overall abilities. Which affects the world right from the start of the game.
  • Sandbox quests. The Elteria Adventures quest system is certainly seeing an overhaul too. Doing so in order to allow the player more story freedom. Now the main progress is no longer hidden behind quests. This also allows players to go nearly anywhere, right from the start of the game.

The game itself:

Elteria Adventures a sandbox online RPG taking place in a colorful voxel world. Gameplay is also full of very cute, but deadly creatures. Players are able to create castles and bridges. At the same time, you can dig deep to uncover secret caverns, even level whole mountains. Skill based combat system opens so many choices. Letting you create cunning traps by changing the setting or simply punch enemies through walls. Elteria Adventures offers platformer style movement. Urging players to jump, glide and fly. Making their way around the beautiful floating islands.

If you’re interested in seeing these and the following changes in Elteria Adventures. Simply request access on the Steam page. Which you can certainly play for free. This includes a directly support in Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC.

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