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Elteria Adventures MMORPG Open Alpha week out

elteria adventures mmorpg open alpha week releases new improved game on linux mac windows pc

Elteria Adventures MMORPG Open Alpha week releases a new improved game on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Elteria Team. Which is now available on Steam. Kicking off Steam Game Festival.

With the autumn edition of the Steam Game Festival starting soon. The sandbox MMORPG Elteria Adventures once again invites players back. So you can take part in the MMORPG Open Alpha week. This is running from October 7th – 13th at 10am Pacific time.

For the new players, Elteria Adventures offers a voxel based world. All full of stunning biomes, cute monsters and skill based gameplay. With ability to both build almost anywhere. And even destroy the scenic landscapes. The game already comes with hours of single player gameplay. As well as an ability to play co-op with other players to explore the world. And take on more difficult challenges together.

Elteria Adventures players returning after the last Open Access will notice a lot of changes. From the massive graphical overhaul. This adds new settings, light and natural effects. All the way to the still developing character customization. Which already offers a range of hairstyles, horns and animal ears to making your character original.

Elteria Adventures Trailer – 2020

Also, you might notice:

  • The fresh made tutorial 0th chapter is ready to teach the player the ropes
  • New cool weapon types as hammers and scythes. There are also huge item balance changes
  • Even more mechanics and ways to make your character stronger
  • Quality of life updates for Elteria Adventures. Making the player’s life easier and more useful.

Elteria is full of impossibly cute, but deadly critters. Such as Boarmelons, Tentacles, and Crystal Llamas. There is even the dreadful ground walking Ground Sharks. Therefore, if you manage to capture their souls. You will be able to change into and assume their forms and abilities.

You will also be able to download and play the new Open Access version. Since Elteria Adventures will be available on Steam once the Steam Game Festival starts. Which releases a new improved game on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

You can also apply to become a tester and get a free Alpha Key. Which you can certainly due on the Elteria Adventures’s Discord server. Similarly, this lets you continue playing even after the festival ends.

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