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Emberlight roguelike makes a day one release

emberlight roguelike makes a day one game release for linux mac windows pc

Emberlight roguelike dungeon crawler game has a day one release for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the development work of Quarter Onion Games. With a day one launch on Steam.

Emberlight is a roguelike dungeon crawler. Combining classic gameplay with a novel twist. Which also releases on both Discord and But only for Windows PC.

The game trailer takes players on a journey through Emberlight. While you attempt to accomplish the quests provided by the Grandmaster.
For that reason, you descend through the depths and action. Absorbing the powers of your enemies. And as the corruption gnaws at your soul. In the end causes you to destroy your former allies. The victor then awaits the next batch of foolish Ember Knights. Sent by the Ember Order in a future quest.

Emberlight features the esteemed voice actress, Lani Minella. Who plays the Grandmaster. As well as voice casting talent from No Studio In Particular produced by Reece Bridger.

Emberlight Launch Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Emberlight is a true roguelike dungeon crawler. Taking place in a world where the Gods have given you a great gift. And a great curse. Explore procedurally generated dungeons as a Knight of the Ember Order. Conquer the quests set out before your party. Likewise, uncover the lore of the land.


    As a Knight of the Ember Order. You have the ability to absorb the abilities used by your enemies. Every ability used by enemies has a chance to be learned. This allows customization of each character. So you can work toward whatever goal you have. But each absorbed ability has a cost…
    Every absorbed ability will corrupt your soul in Emberlight. Due to slowly losing yourself to evil as the quest progresses. This expresses itself in unstable corruption traits. Finally leading to metamorphosis into an evil being (such as a lich). And you will lose yourself to the corruption…
    Each Emberlight run will last between 30-60 minutes. Therefore after completing the quest. The most corrupted will certainly kill off his former allies in an epic battle. This corrupted being will then begin attracting evil around them. While acting like a boss in a future quest. Once their influence has expanded enough. They will have all the powers you have provided them during the run. Similarly providing a never ending challenge in future runs. For every corrupted boss, a stronger party is required to defeat them. And the cycle repeats……forever?

Emberlight roguelike dungeon crawler releases on Steam. Priced at $12.74 USD, including the 15% discount. Available with day one support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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