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Embr firefighting will land with support

embr firefighting game will land with support for linux windows pc

Embr is a new firefighting games for Windows PC, due to land Linux support. Thanks to details from developer Muse Games. Which is also coming soon to Early Access on Steam.

Do we really need to hit 911 or 999 when we spot smoke streaming from a building? Yes, yes we do. Just for fun, however, let’s imagine an alternative reality. Where all such emergencies are handled by the people on the street. While the butcher at the end of the road supplements his wage by driving ambulances in between customers. And the headmistress at your local school fills time between classes performing operations on the backstreets. Since this is what Embr bolsters. Along with a Team Fortress 2 kind of look.

Muse Games, developers of the award winning Guns of Icarus Online. Introduce the brand new world of Embr. Which is also a fantastic fictional take on our world. Where citizens across the globe have embraced the gig economy. And certainly now stand ready, phones in hand, to respond to your firefighting emergencies.

Working together in an online co-op multiplayer. Embr is a frantic, frenetic, and funny ‘unsimulator’. Due to arrive soon on Steam Early Access. Technically in Spring 2020 via Curve Digital. Since gameplay promises to mix the spirit and valor of everyday heroism. Along with a dose of satire on the Uber dominated world we live in. And since this gaming experience is heading to Windows PC. It’s also right to shed some light on support.

Where is Linux support?

We’ll be looking to add Linux support hopefully by official release.

So this is the recent reply from Muse games. They also mention needing help to test the Embr Linux build. But it doesn’t look like that will happen at release, but sometime there after. With confirmed Linux support coming with the official launch.

Embr Reveal Trailer

In Embr, players work together to earn tips from clients. Earning the ever so crucial 5-star rating in order to earn cash. Working to become the ultimate ‘have a go hero’ firefighter.

Players will work through a variety of missions. While earning money to upgrade their firefighting tools. Lease better vehicles and fire trucks. All while dealing with competition from the Canadian firefighting startup Hosr. Staying competitive, however, relies on players working together. Planning and rescuing in dense environments. Including complex systems interactions. Such as water, fire, gas, electricity, and structure integrity. Each of which plays a key role.

In Embr, players come together. While creating unexpected and ingenious solutions. Or they can have a lot of fun failing.

Embr will launch on Steam Early Access later in Spring 2020. Players can expect multiple major content drops in the months after launch significantly expanding the game. Muse Games will also continue to diligently work with the community to further shape the Embr experience based on feedback and suggestions.

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