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Emperor expansion announced with more depth

emperor expansion announced with more depth for europa universalis iv linux mac windows pc

Emperor expansion announced for Europa Universalis IV coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks once again to developer Paradox Development Studio. Which is coming soon on Steam and the Paradox Store.

From the churches of Rome, the people are called to accept the one true faith. While the palaces of Vienna, the subjects are commanded to obey their chosen ruler. From the streets of Paris, a new generation of citizens pursues its own mission. All choosing their path, all aspiring to be Emperor. And likewise, Paradox just keep adding more content to the game.

Paradox Development Studio announces Europa Universalis IV: Emperor expansion. While adding more to the classic game of early modern exploration and conquest. Emperor will also refresh gameplay for the Holy Roman Empire. Along with the Papal State and other Catholic nations. While adding greater interaction in the management of a kingdom’s internal affairs.

Europa Universalis IV: Emperor – Announcement Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Features include:

  • A Powerful Pope: Appoint cardinals, publish Papal Bulls and gather tithes. The Vatican and Papal Controller now have new abilities. So they can sway the souls of Christendom.
  • New Holy Roman Empire Systems: Imperial Incidents provide new challenges to the Emperor’s power and authority. Will your empire follow a course the unified monarchy. Or maybe the scattered federation?.
  • Revolutions Revamped: The spirit of Revolution is an illness that must be either embraced or strongly opposed. Use the guillotine and radical guard. So you can enforce the new way of thinking.
  • The Hussite Faith: Bohemia has an early game chance to embrace heresy. And also stand alone against the Pope until The Reformation.
  • Hegemonies: If you accomplish great feats, you should expect great rewards. Seize the mantle of honor to gather great wealth and armies to become Emperor.
  • New Missions: Over 20 new unique mission trees for a variety of European nations
  • Defender of Faith: With great authority comes great power. Earn more bonuses for defending a major religion. Which is better than defending a small one.
  • The Council of Trent and Counter Reformation: Join other Catholic rulers to slow down the spread of the Reformation. While making deals to the unruly mob or harshly imposing the will of God.
  • Provoke Rebellions: Risk a larger revolt now. While you think you can manage it. Doing so instead of waiting for regret to take its course.

Update and the release:

Emperor will be accompanied by a major update free. This is coming to all Europa Universalis IV players. This of course includes a redrawn map of west and central Europe. Including the Crown Lands, new ideas and a host of other major changes.
We do not have a release date for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Or for that matter a price yet. But the expansion is due to release on Steam and the Paradox Store.