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Empire: Total War Collection is now available for Linux with a 50% discount on Steam


#FeralInteractive #announced that The Empire: Total War Collection is now available for Linux. This is the second #game to be developed and published for Linux by Feral Interactive, following XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Which is a brilliant maneuver for the epic strategy game, set against the turbulent backdrop of the 18th century.

The Empire: Total War Collection is a SteamPlay title that runs on Ubuntu 14.04.1 and Valve’s SteamOS. The release of Empire: Total War on Linux is accompanied by four add-on unit packs and The Warpath Campaign expansion, which challenges players to command one of five Native American factions defending their lands from invaders. This additional content will be available separately, or together with the base game in the Empire: Total War Collection.

The game’s relentless march has been charted at the Empire: Total War Collection Steam information page.

Empire: Total War is a Creative Assembly game, developed and published for Linux by Feral Interactive.