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Empires of the Undergrowth first major update

empires of the undergrowth first major update leafcutter in linux mac windows pc games

Empires of the Undergrowth the games first major update called leafcutter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to Slug Disco Studios, who released the game on Steam, GOG and Itch back in 2017. Which is still in Early Access with Very Positive 92% reviews.

Empires of the Undergrowth gets it’s first major update. Hence the the leafcutter update which is live on Steam and GOG.
Developer Slug Disco Studios is eager announce the news. This is the first major update since the December 2017 release.
The leafcutter update is available on Linux, Mac and Windows.
The update leafcutter features an all new rain forest environment. With new critters of all sizes. Also two new levels which will see you face off against fully fledged colonies. Plus a new Formicarium Challenge. Since the vile scientists have something special planned for you. Plus those ever so effective, leafcutter ants.

For those not familiar with it. Empires of the Undergrowth is a real time strategy simulation. And also a base management game about ants. Plus the other creatures that they encounter.
The game tries to remain as close to nature as possible. With all of the ants and other creatures. While focusing on real world counterparts. Aside from a single genetic experiment outlier.
The events that occur in the game. These also reflect the daily struggles of these tiny insects. While leaving the player with an added appreciation. For that of the worlds that exist under your feet.

Empires of the Undergrowth Leafcutter Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Empires of the Undergrowth went into Early Access on Steam in December 2017. Which is also very well received. So much so that development team of three were able to make a switch. From the game being a hobby project to a full time endeavour.
With a plan to finish the full game within 18 months. But it soon became clear that the rush into early access. Also takes it’s toll on some of Empires of the Undergrowth’s inner-workings. Since a lot of it needed to be pulled apart. Fitted together again for things to continue smoothly. With a few small updates in that time to keep things fresh.
But this is the first time Slug Disco Studios release new environments. And also news species. Plus fully narrated campaign scenarios since the 2017 release.

To mark the launch of the leafcutter update. There is also a new playable demo of Empires of the Undergrowth. It’s a pretty chunky demo, featuring four remastered scenarios from the original demo. As well as a brand new mission for the player to test out leafcutter ants. You can find the demo on indieDB.

But if you want to own Empires of the Undergrowth. You can find the game, including the leafcutter update. Both on Steam, GOG and Itch. Available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Priced at $19.99 USD.