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Empyrean Rule – Rise of the Ancients announced for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


The #trailer announcing the existence of Empyrean Rule – Rise of the Ancients looks interesting. The upcoming title is an MMO #realtimestrategy for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. This is slightly rough-looking early #alpha footage, but Empyrean Rule knows just what gets any onlookers attention with that troll in a human army’s battle formation. There’s some cool-looking enemy armour designs right there for those undead and that wizard-looking guy has a viewer curious.


  • A unique MMORTS with real time 3D battles with thousands of troops on screen in a fantasy setting
  • In depth battle mechanics (Morale, Endurance, Flanks, Height, Field of View, Interactive Battlefields, etc.)
  • Choose between various fantasy races, unit types and heroes to customize your army
  • A huge variety of spells and special abilities which create thousands of synergies on the battlefield
  • Single player / CO-OP / PvP battles up to 6 vs 6 players
  • Player driven economy with custom crafting
  • A massive persistent open world with free roaming
  • Elaborate conquest and empire management mechanics which motivate social interaction on a massive scale (Trading, Diplomacy, Espionage)
  • VR Oculus Rift support which provides immersion and puts the player right in the middle of the battlefield

Empyrean Rule is apparently an MMORTS of sorts coming from Innofame, a development team who has spent the last few years making Facebook and online RTS games for other studios. You build your army of humans, goblins, undead, and various other fantasy staples before entering a large persistent open world to pit your armies against each other. Quite the concept, the idea of potential persistent infamy seems to just capture ones attention.

The development team behind Empyrean Rule – The Rise of the Ancients has worked on several projects for other companies in the past. It has designed, developed, maintained and operated a number of successful games such as Pantheon, one of the first hard-core strategy games on Facebook a few years ago, and Battle Conquest, an online RTS game in a persistent world with 2,5 million+ gameplays and 4.8 million+ online battles in total!



Apparently the game supports thousands of troops on screen at once, some interesting sounding list of battle mechanics, large-scale diplomacy mechanics, and Oculus Rift support. Right now we have no idea if any of that will pan out or not, but we are excited to see more of those cool character models at the very least. Empyrean Rule – Rise of the Ancients will be the first official game published by the Innofame development team.


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