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Encased sci fi RPG hits $100k on Kickstarter

encased sci fi RPG hits $100k on kickstarter for linux mac windows

Encased the new sci-fi RPG from ex-Larian Studios hits Kickstarter funding goal for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since the developers are proud to reach the $100,000 funding goal. We are sharing the great news.

Encased hasd financial backing by Larian Studios, developers of Divinity: Original Sin. Also Obsidian Entertainment, creators of Fallout: New Vegas. Even Kickstarter’s own Editorial team has recognizes Encased with a “Projects We Love” badge.

So now that funding is secure, the will allow Dark Crystal Games to expand the development team. And also add new content to the game.

Encased sci fi RPG Kickstarter Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Encased base game Features:

  • 30+ hours of gameplay
  • 6 rival factions
  • 150 locations
  • 75+ random encounters
  • 300 Interesting NPC’s
  • Dozen of relics and anomolies

With 6 days remaining until the end of the campaign. The team announces stretch goals that will help to expand the game that much further:

  • Stretch Goal #1: The Fallen Fortress encounter ($105,000).
    A massive in-game event for players to discover: epic battle versus waves of hostile Raiders!
  • Stretch Goal #2: Free play mode with new content ($110,000).
    Players will be able to continue exploring the world of Encased after the main storyline is finished.
  • Stretch Goal #3: Mobile Player Headquarters ($120,000).
    Adds an upgradable mobile HQ: Ursula. This futuristic, AI-powered auto-train can be converted into a makeshift camp and upgraded further as the player discovers new cars that add functionality.
  • Stretch Goal #4: Players’ Vehicles ($130.000).
    Adds personal transport – motorcycles and cars for a player to traverse the wasteland, carrying gear and companions. You’ll also be able to repair and upgrade these vehicles to take part in a special drag-racing event.
  • Stretch Goal #5: 1 Combond encounter ($130.001).
    A mysterious man set up his tent on the territory of the New Committee. For just one Combond, he will tell you his secret. Approximately one Combond, that is…

Further Stretch Goals included:

  • Stretch Goal #6: Personal Drone Assistants ($135.000).
    Miniature drones that will criticize your actions, bring comic relief and even occasionally be useful. But mostly they’ll criticize.
  • Stretch Goal #7: Gladiator Arena ($145.000).
    An enslaved player will find themselves in a very real post-apocalyptic coliseum, where the only way out is by winning. A free player can also go voluntarily, by fighting for cash and the right to challenge the local champion. A clever operator may even be able to lay bets and cheat the bookmakers!
  • Stretch Goal #8: Modding Support ($160.000).
    Encased is a huge game with great potential to expand, and while we’ve let our imaginations run wild on the possibilities, we won’t have the resources to do it all. But maybe you, our players, do. We’ll give you what you need to make new content for the game.
  • Stretch Goal #9: Narration Voice Over ($210.000).
    Encased is full of stories. And if you want these stories to be accompanied by the atmospheric and deep voice of the narrator – and believe us, you do want this – then we need your help.

Encased Sci fi RPG Final Push Trailer:

Also, learn more about the new stretch goals in the latest update on Kickstarter. Encased the sci fi RPG estimated release for Linux, Mac and Windows is April 2019. So back the project now, since funding ends on Tuesday, October 16 2018 1:02 PM EDT.

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