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EndCycle VS full release for the fighting game

endcycle vs full release for the fighting game on both linux and windows pc will leave early access

EndCycle VS full release for the fighting game for both Linux and Windows PC will leave Early Access. Thanks to the continuous efforts of developer 12B3. Currently available on Steam Early Access with 100% Positive reviews.

Developer 12B3 is eager to announce the upcoming release of EndCycle VS. Launching on April 20th, 2022. A boldly unique fighting game that fuses the genre with roguelikes and deckbuilding. Also offering an intense and thrilling sci-fi experience.

As perfect for solo play as it is for thrilling multiplayer bouts, EndCycle VS tells the deep and mature story of familial betrayal, loss, and love. Doing so in a world threatened by total ruin.

Taking advantage of 20 unique fighters. So that players can explore the world of Anikka as they tackle a deep, and at points emotional, single player story. One that also tasks them with taking on more challenging enemies. All while attempting to save the world from powerful ancient gods and the forces intent on disturbing their slumber.

But if that wasn’t enough, EndCycle VS also offers an intense roguelike exploration mode. Where players take on branching paths and enemies. Only to have access to only the powers they discover along the way.

EndCycle VS Release Date Trailer (Linux, Windows PC)

Ideal for fans of challenging grid-fighters like One Step From Eden and Mega Man Battle Network. Or maybe the deckbuilding sensation Slay The Spire. EndCycle VS is a unique twist on the roguelike, deckbuilder, and fighting genres. Offering players an intense experience unlike any other. The game is truly a healthy slice of PVP and PVE multiplayer action. All due to keep players coming back for more.

Creative fans of EndCycle VS are also able to create their own content and battle their way with the easy to use Creative Centre. With this tool, players can create maps, characters. and other assorted mods via EndCycle VS. All mods can be downloaded and used on the Steam version and Android. Then used in online play with dedicated, customisable servers.

Players will also be able to enjoy cross-play battle functionality between both PC and Android versions. This is a labour of love which has been in development for nine years. EndCycle VS releaseed on Steam Early Access in January 2019. From there, developer 12B3 polished and tweaked the game to perfection. EndCycle VS will now has full release date of April 20th. Offering up an all new character, a fresh rebrand, Korean and Japanese localization.

Players can wishlist EndCycle VS on Steam now and get notified when it launches on April 20th, 2022. Due to release on Linux and Windows PC. All priced at $24.99 USD / £21.99 / 24,99€. The full launch price will be $29.99 USD / £23.79 / 24,99€.

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