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EndCycle VS roguelike adventure now launches

endcycle vs roguelike adventure game now launches on linux and windows pc

EndCycle VS roguelike adventure game now launches on Linux and Windows PC. All due to the community as well as the creativity of developer 12B3. Available on Steam with 100% Very Positive reviews.

Developer 12B3 is eager to announce the launch of deckbuilding roguelike adventure EndCycle VS. While offering over 4,000 possible combinations of moves and 20 unique characters to choose from. The gameplay combines the pulse-pounding intensity of your favorite fighters with the tactical flair of a deckbuilding game.

Complete with a deep and mature story mode, interwoven with themes of legacy, loss and love. EndCycle VS perfectly combines heart-racing action with heart-breaking moments. As the world hangs in the balance. Players must find out if they have what it takes to stop the Noise and end the cycle.

But it doesn’t stop there! EndCycle VS also offers a variety of other modes. Including a branching roguelike exploration experience. One that also tasks players with taking out enemies only with powers they find along the way.
Players looking for something a little more competitive? Enjoy the thrilling online cross-platform multiplayer. Players can choose whether to take down waves of enemies in cooperative play. They can also go head to head against each other in versus mode bouts!

EndCycle VS Launch Trailer

Inspired by the legendary Mega Man Battle Network series. EndCycle VS drags retro-style battlers into the future. While offering a thoroughly up to date spin on a beloved genre.

After launching EndCycle VS via Steam Early Access in January 2019. Duo developers 12B3 have worked tirelessly to listen to and implement fan feedback. Such as the unique and easy to use Creative Centre on Steam. So that players can make their own maps, completely redesign the control layout, and bring their own character designs into the game.

Perfect for fans of the Mega Man Battle Network series. Also the original inspiration for this game, One Step From Eden and Slay the Spire; EndCycle VS blends modern mechanics with a retro feel. Due to give players the exciting deckbuilding brawler they’ve been looking for.

EndCycle VS roguelike adventure launches on Steam. Priced $29.99 USD / £23.99 / €24.99. Along with support for Linux and Windows PC.