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Endeavor is a voxel-based massive multiplayer game for PC, Mac, and Linux

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+ToastMobile recently announced its new #Kickstarter campaign to fund Endeavor. The voxel-based massive multiplayer #game for Mac, Windows, and Linux, puts players in the role of a robot who must ally with other bots to battle for control of territory and race to build a game winning beacon. Toast Mobile is hoping to gather $80,000 before the campaign’s March 5 end date.

Endeavor is a game where players form alliances to battle for land control and race to build a beacon to win the game. Each player is a robot who starts with a region of land to exploit, build upon, and gain resources from in order to expand his territory. Each server is called an Endeavor and players will choose which ones to join. There are hundreds of players in each Endeavor, all competing or joining forces to complete the beacon first. An Endeavor will continue for roughly 3 months, until one alliance takes the victory!


Each robot is initially equipped with a claw, drill, rocket launcher, and jetpack. The equipment, fuel type, and hull of a robot can be upgraded. For regions that you own, you can build or remove terrain blocks with your claw/drill. There are many objects and mechanisms available to guard your land from opposing players who will be looking to steal from you! Additionally, smaller robots can be constructed to mine and gather resources for you.

To create a sense of cohesiveness, the player, creatures, items, and graphics are all designed around the cube itself. In each of the models you’ll see a strong emphasis on straight lines and 90 degree angles. These models weren’t simply scanned in and clumped together but rather carefully designed around a set of established rules. More natural models, like many of the foliage or creatures in the game follow this too but have been given a softer edge to convey a sense of nature along with the dominating sense of clean and precise edges.

The ultimate goal for a player or alliance is to construct a beacon. The alliance to first complete this task wins the game and that Endeavor ends. Building the beacon requires lots of time, resources, and every type of Microblock available in the Endeavor.

Enjoy Voxel Based Multiplayer Battle In Endeavor


Each region is a different biome separated by rivers. Each player begins the game with one region, but many regions will start off unclaimed. These unowned lands are occupied by creatures in the game that will attack players. Unowned regions can be taken over by force if the Microblock is found. There is one Microblock for each region, which represents it’s ownership. Region biomes include mountains, forests, deserts, floating islands, plateaus, badlands, islands and snow regions.

In addition to the player versus player servers, there will be a free-build server which allows players to create custom regions that are voted on to appear in future Endeavor games. You choose where the monsters will spawn and which bosses protect the Microblock!


Microblocks have two main purposes: region ownership and giving the robot extra abilities. Each region contains a Microblock, and stealing them allows players to take a region from another player. Additionally, Microblocks can be attached to the player’s robot for extra abilities such as improved drilling, flying, speed, teleportation, or combat.

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