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Energy Hook sports action launches on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


From the inventor of the acclaimed web-swinging movement in *Spider-Man 2* comes the #extreme #sport of the future: Energy Hook!

Happion Labs has just #released Energy Hook for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Where athletes use their jury-rigged gravity beams to perform death-defying stunts. Fall great distances and use your momentum to launch yourself to dizzying heights! Run on walls, and perform loops, spins, and aerial tricks!

Players take on the roll of  Delilah, an Energy Hook athlete making a name for herself in a future transformed by gravity tech, teleportation, and climate problems. By proving yourself on the obstacle courses set up by the Energy Hook underground you’ll gain street-cred, giving you access to better gear and new levels.

Energy Hook challenges you to chain together sequences of tricks, wall-runs, and stylish moves for massive scores; hurtle through time challenges by using tricks to gain speed; and seek out collectibles hidden throughout the levels.

Much like a graphic novel might have different chapters by different artists, Energy Hook showcases the work of several different artists: the organic floating islands of Keegan O’Rourke; the dystopian future city of Killst4r; the soft, pastel colored buildings of Paul Whitehead; and the virtual realities of Antonio Revard.


  • 7 sandbox levels with multiple challenges each (5 in early access)
  • 10 bonus challenge “VR” levels (6 in early access)
  • Compete on the leaderboards or just swing around, explore, and be Zen
  • Tune your energy line and jetpack in the equipment options screen
  • Third and first person modes

Energy Hook is is now fully released on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC with an 18% launch discount until July 12th.

System Requirements:


  • Processor: i5 @ 2.5 Ghz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD 4000 or comparable
  • Storage: 2 GB available space


  • Processor: i7 @ 2.5 Ghz
  • Graphics: GeForce 840M or comparable


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