Enshrouded World vehicular combat available on Linux

enshrouded world vehicular combat available on linux and windows in gaming news

We have yet to see a Leadwerks Game Engine title make a #debut in Linux news. Yet developer 101brandx just released their indie title this month in gaming early this month. Hence Enshrouded World, a #vehicularcombat #game, featuring a non-linear progression and survival elements. Most of which has not available in the genre until now. Available DRM-free on Itch.io for Linux and Windows PC with a Free Demo.


While the world is suffering from centuries of human destruction. Including an overpopulation crisis and the quality of life almost depleted with mass migration to cryogenic storage facilities. Hence a supplementary virtual reality taking place over the appalling conditions on Earth.

So here, players assume the role of Jill. A botanist and member of an elite team tasked with managing the oxygen production. Supporting the millions of people currently in stasis. So with artificially established urban centers complete. Hence the team now prepares for the procedures in place to so those in stasis awaken to the new world.



  • A unique approach to player progression:
    As players traverse a large series of geodesic domes. While offering diverging paths to their destination.
  • Survival elements complementing the action and exploration:
    Items of management such as oxygen and the integrity of your vehicle. All bring harmony to the way a player interacts and explores the world.
  • A substantial armory:
    The hovercraft driven throughout Enshrouded World features four main weapon types. While also including two unique alternative firing options in the vehicular combat gaming to decimate and paralyze the enemy.
  • An array of enemies in the air and on land:
    Enshrouded World features five enemy classes. Hence ten enemies in total, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. While also  having a unique method of hunting down the player.
  • Technical Advantage:
    Enshrouded World takes full advantage of the features offered by the Leadwerks Engine. Including support for volumetric and high dynamic range lighting. Advanced physics simulations for collisions, friction and buoyancy as well as shaders. So work has been done to show off complex and engaging visual effects such as reflections while gaming.
  • Dynamic Soundtrack and Professional Sound Design:
    The music of Enshrouded World reflects the dynamic environments of the game. So the sound effects are provided from professional sound designers and foley artists. While providing the most satisfying atmosphere and experience possible.

So Enshrouded World vehicular combat is fully available DRM-free on Itch.io. For both Linux and Windows PC. Plus there is also a Free Demo for both platforms as well.

A message from the developer:
So this Enshrouded World news is due the efforts of one teenager. While placing thousands of hours of dedication in the hope that players can have an enriched gaming experience. So this is included throughout the voice acting, motion capture and script writing. Al the way down to programming, character design and level development. So rest ensured the best efforts are being put forward.
Since we have yet to see any Leadwerks games in the news. Enshrouded World is a viable example.

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