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Entity Researchers CPRG now has a native build

entity researchers dark sci-fi crpg game has a build for linux with windows pc

Entity Researchers sci-fi CRPG game now has a native build for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to recent details and effort from developer Newbuild-C. Which is now available on Steam.

Old-school sci-fi CRPG Entity Researchers releases on Linux, officially. According to the recent comment while giving you access to millions of items and maps. There are also over a hundred enemies in this cool science fiction rogue-like. Doing so in just three days, not bad. Native support was expected to arrive in one to two weeks. But developer Newbuild-C obviously has the Linux community in mind, especially with the release of the Steam Deck.

The CRPG game Entity Researchers left Early Access on March 2nd. Doing so after eight months of Early Access. Which has also evolved into an impressive dark sci-fi RPG that lets you both explore and maybe survive. Growing a great deal, while offering over 150 enemies and endless randomly generated items and locales.

Entity Researchers centers on your recent employment with EIRI. Since you will have to research and battle the Visitors. These are also unknown entities that have invaded our world. While dropping players into a dark sci-fi roguelike with exploration and survival. With an endless combo of maps and item. So that no two games will ever be the same.

Entity Researchers Gameplay:

  • Battle: Destroy entities to gain XP, currency, and items.
  • Explore: Explore procedurally generated maps for items and entities.
  • Research: Research to discover and exploit the entities flaws.
  • Refine: Craft / purchase / discover new items to improve your loadout.
  • Advance: Defeat bosses to receive high rarity rewards.


  • Millions of map combo’s.
  • 90 basic entities, 10 rare entities and 50 bosses.
  • 180+ standard items, millions of random uniques.
  • 20+ moves in Entity Researchers with differing strengths and weaknesses.
  • Hybrid timed turn-based battles.
  • Sweet electro jams.
  • Hardcore mode.

Entity Researchers dark sci-fi CRPG game releases on Linux and Windows PC. Priced at $13.99 USD / £10.99 / 11,59€. Available now on Steam.

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