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Entity Researchers sci-fi RPG due to get a port

entity researchers sci-fi rpg game to get a port for linux with windows pc

Entity Researchers sci-fi RPG game to get a port for Linux with Windows PC. All thanks to recent details and confirmation from developer Newbuild-C. Which is currently available on Steam with 90% Positive reviews, not bad.

Roleplaying game Entity Researchers is out as a full 1.0 release already. Doing so after eight months of Early Access. On top of that, the game has also grown in a big way with over 150 enemies. Including endless randomly generated items and locations. Due to the success, it’s evolving even further as Newbuild-C confirms Linux support.

Hey, I am just waiting for the game to be as stable as possible before I rebuild for Linux. Should be in the next week or two, need to set up my virtual machine again.

Developed in GameMaker Studio 2, Entity Researchers should work easily via Ubuntu distro’s. However, if the game does not run on your distro, Proton may be an option. But I’m really looking forward to the Linux build. Not to mention seeing some Steam Deck success in the Discussions thread.

Entity Researchers centers on your recent employment with EIRI. Doing so while researching and battling the Visitors. These are also unknown entities that have invaded our world. A dark sci-fi roguelike with themes of search and survival. While offering an endless mix of maps and items. So that no two games will ever be the same.

Entity Researchers Gameplay:

  • Battle: Destroy entities to gain XP, currency and items.
  • Explore: Explore procedurally generated maps for items and entities.
  • Research: Research to discover and exploit the entities flaws.
  • Refine: Craft / purchase / discover new items to improve your loadout.
  • Advance: Defeat bosses to receive high rarity rewards.


    • Hybrid real time turn-based battles.
  • Random Entity Researchers maps.
  • 90 basic entities and 60 bosses.
  • 10 secret entities.
  • Randomize Unique entities.
  • Randomize Unique items and 180+ standard items.
  • 20+ moves with unique Critical bonuses
  • Hardcore mode.

Entity Researchers sci-fi RPG game is out on Steam. Currently discounted 15%, this also drops the price to $11.89 USD / £9.34 / 9,85€. Available on Windows PC, but due to make its way onto Linux.

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