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Entity Researchers will probably get a native port

entity researchers will get a native port for linux during the games early access on windows pc

Entity Researchers old school CRPG will probably get a native port for Linux during the games Early Access on Windows PC. According to details from developer Newbuild-C. Due to arrive on Steam Early Access later this week.

Old school CRPG Entity Researchers will release on Steam Early Access on July 9th. While offering millions of items and maps with over a hundred enemies. All in this unique science fiction roguelike for Windows PC. However, according to an email reply from Newbuild-C, Linux support will one day make a debut.

Entity Researchers is programmed in Game Maker Studio. Therefore a Linux port would be possible in the future. Probably as the game comes out of Early Access at the end of the year.

Since Game Maker Studio does support various aspects of Linux. It is quite likely that a Linux build will happen at the end of Early Access. The actual development period is due to last roughly 6 months. But this could be subject to change depending on the development of the game. Check out the games trippy trailer (say that 10x fast).

Entity Researchers: Coming to Steam soon

Entity Researchers centers on your recent employment with EIRI. All while researching and battling the Visitors. These are the unknown entities that have invaded the world. A dark sci-fi roguelike with themes of exploration and survival. Where gameplay offers an endless blend of maps and items. So that no two games will ever be the same.


  • Battle: Destroy entities to gain XP, currency and items.
  • Explore: Explore Entity Researchers procedurally generated maps for items and entities.
  • Research: Research to discover and exploit the entities flaws.
  • Refine: Craft/purchase/discover new items to improve your loadout.
  • Advance: Defeat bosses to receive high rarity rewards.


  • Millions of map combos.
  • 90 basic entities, 10 rare entities and 50 bosses in Entity Researchers.
  • 180+ standard items, millions of random uniques.
  • 20+ moves with differing strengths and defacts.
  • Hybrid timed turn based battles.
  • Sweet electro jams.
  • Hardcore mode.

Entity Researchers old school CRPG releases to Steam Early Access July 9th. Due to be available for $13.99 USD on Windows PC. Then somewhere in Early Access there will be a Linux build. Which also depends on the development process.

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