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Eon Break brings Nikola Tesla to Kickstarter

eon break brings nikola tesla to kckstarter in linux mac windows games

Since Eon Break is a brand new campaign release on Kickstarter. We are interested to learn more about this fast-paced action adventure game. While the #games main character is Nikola Tesla. Yes the same man who is bending time and space to his will. All so you can fight the Nazis and mushrooms on Linux, Mac and #Windows PC’s.

“There’ll be ~10-15h of gameplay for sure. If we raise >$50k on the Kickstarter, will add +5-10h more.”

So Eon Break is a #metroidvania-style game. Set in a huge open world waiting to be explored. And since players take on the roll of Nikola Tesla trying to survive. Exploring the dark and twisted forests, haunted with disgusting mutants. While you stumble upon a Nazi research laboratories deep in the ground below. Discover a crashed alien spacecraft. Hence the main source of Nazi power and technologies.

What about Linux release?

“It’s Unity, so Linux is not a problem. We haven’t listed it but plan to build for Linux also.”

So the Kickstarter campaign just has just begun. And while Linux is not listed, clearly we will have native support. Since Eon Break is under development using Unity 3D.
Since the games whole concept plus Nikola Tesla has our interest. As soon as I caught the campaign I kept thinking, Dead Cells? Wait not, this might be more of a mix of Hollow Knight as well. And while both are metroidvania’s or roguevania’s to some. I can’t help but want to know more.

What’s the story?

Since the story is straight forward: the world is in grave danger. The Third Reich have turned the tide of war with their ultimate weapons and overwhelming forces. Yet there is a tiny bit of hope to defeat them. This is hidden deep within a giant research laboratory. All built onto an alien structure.

So this includes hundreds of custom locations filled with enemies and puzzles. Each will challenge your reaction, accuracy, intelligence and ingenuity. All coming Linux, Mac and Windows PC’s.

And since people say, that you cannot stop time. Well that is nonsense. With an autonomous ILSD droid you can create CHRONOSPHERE that will stop time. Along with anything else within it. Which is helpful if you’re feeling particularly lazy. Since the droid also can be utilized for higher firepower. Yet also better survivability and relatively safer exploration. Just be sure to upgrade the unit with new abilities from time to time.

Therefore players can learn awesome technologies. Then infiltrate mysterious areas to find the root this evil. And since there are a great variety of abilities to discover. Each one grants new possibilities for movement, fighting and puzzle solving.

So clearly, Eon Break tells the story of an alternate World War II. The Nazi forces have created horrendous weapons and are now destroying the last Allies in Europe.

Eon Break is available for pledges on Kickstarter. And since we know Linux is supported, we have to release the games details. Since Mac and Windows users will want to jump on this as well.

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